Periodic Table of Human Emotions

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The hardest part of understanding complex emotions is, actually, naming them. Schools introduced basic chemistry and natural elements to us in the form of a “periodic table”. Imagine if we learnt our emotions like that!

Everyday, our emotions guide us to make intuitive decisions, communicate better and even process impactful situations. Naming our emotions could help us in grounding, overcoming and changing behaviour patterns. The printable is a set of 106 different emotions, laid out and categorised under 7 primary emotions.

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About This Product

Designed and curated by experts, the tool is easy to follow and learn everyday skills from. Arranged in order of complexity of human emotions, the tool can be used to better understand your emotions, or to teach children about differnt emotions, and as a therapeutic tool by mental health professionals.

  • Available as A3 sized poster
  • High quality print for visual clarity
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  • 100% research backed

A portion of your purchase provides medical access to people with mental health conditions.


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