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Do I need Couples Therapy?

Relationships can be quite a roller-coaster ride.

Even without the obvious fights, there can be underlying challenges in your relationship that might be difficult to identify, resolve or communicate to your partner. If small issues like these are not sorted out in the initial stages, it can escalate into “irreconcilable differences”.

Relationship counselling will not only identify these problem areas but also help you find practical strategies that will enable you to reconnect with your partner honestly and healthily. If you feel like you are not being heard, or there is a lack of appreciation in your relationship or if a relationship-related decision needs to be made but you need expert guidance then book an online or in-person session with our relationship counsellors today!

Couples Therapy works for married couples, live-in partners and pre-marital concerns.

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What Can Couple Therapy Help With?

Every couple has its own set of challenges to overcome.
No matter what the scenario is, our experts are here to help you.

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Communication breakdown is the leading cause of frequent fights. Communicate healthily with the help of our experts. Counselling can help you understand each other’s perspectives and therefore, empathise with the feelings/emotions your partner is experiencing at that moment.

Personality Clash

Personality Clash

Differences in personalities/values can be due to distinctions in priorities and perspectives or other factors like social, economic, or religion. With relationship counselling, you can learn how to respect and live with your partner’s differences instead of trying to change them.

Feeling Unheard

Feeling Unheard

Do you feel like your partner comes off as forgetful or stand-offish? There can be biological, social, or economic factors that can contribute to this. Our therapist will not only help you identify but also understand what is causing this behaviour.

Expectation Mismatch

Expectation Mismatch

A therapist can not only help you identify and gain insight into areas that are stopping you from being the partner you want to be, but also equip you with efficient tools to cope with the situation.



Cheating can cause scars or trauma that are difficult to heal even after one carefully rebuilds the relationship. Therapy can help heal these as it works towards uncovering the root of the problem and enables you to reconnect healthily in the process.

Seeing Eye-To-Eye

Seeing Eye-To-Eye

Relationships work efficiently when both partners give consent to every major decision taken. However, arriving at a consensus can be difficult and you might need expert help with it. Our therapist can be that objective voice that helps you arrive there.

Choose a Counselling Plan

Select a counselling plan that meets your well-being requirements


Start your journey by identifying your problems and gaining new insights into them.

Online Session Available Online session available
1 hour therapy session 1 hour therapy session
Valid for 3 months Valid for 3 months
Book 1 Session


Understand how to stop yourself from repeating patterns that are destructive or dysfunctional.

Online Session Available Online session available
3 hours therapy session 3 x 1 hour therapy session
Valid for 6 months Valid for 6 months
Book 3 Session


Work with the strategies suggested by your therapist and experience real-time, quantifiable progress.

Online Session Available Online session available
5 hours therapy session 5 x 1 hour therapy session
Valid for 12 months Valid for 12 months
Book 5 Session

How can Couples Therapy help?

Couples’ therapy is not restricted to couples with extreme conflicts or problems in their relationship but can also help couples who may want to

Improve Communication
Improve communication between them and their partner/s.
Create better understanding
Create better understanding between each other.
space and opportunities to heal
Provide for each other a safe space and opportunities to heal.
Encourage better acceptance
Encourage better acceptance of one another.
opportunities to increase support
Provide opportunities to increase shared support.
Establish emotional strength
Establish emotional strength and build relationship resilience.

What We Can Assure

Focus on Results

Focus on Results

Regular progress tracking


Secure and confidential session


Online sessions from the comfort of your home
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Our Top Rated Experts

Enhance your relationship with the help of our licensed professionals.

Divya Bhatia

“Respond to your partner rather than
reacting to them."

Master's in Clinical Psychology
CMR University, Bengalore

English, Hindi

5000+ Happy Couples

4500+ Positive Reviews

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Deepika Mehta

“Trust and open communication — the
couple goals we should aspire to.”

Masters in Counselling Psychology (MSc)
Christ University, Bangalore

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4000+ Happy Couples

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Akshata Alva

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5000+ Happy Couples

4500+ Positive Reviews

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What Might Stop You From Seeking Help

There can be several reasons that stop a person from seeking the help
they require. Some of them are:

Societal stigma

In the social and cultural context, admitting to the need for professional support in your relationship can be perceived as a last-minute “Hail Mary” rather than an attempt to reconnect or empathize with your partner. Ignore societal misgivings and pay attention to what you or your relationship needs.

Fear of confidentiality

All counselling sessions are confidential. Be assured that all our experts uphold the confidentiality clause in all its seriousness. Anything you express or say to your therapist will remain between you and the therapist.

Disinterested spouse or partner

It is a possibility that though you may perceive an issue in the relationship, your partner is unaware of it or doesn’t recognise it as a problem. Reach out to our relationship counsellor to know how to approach and persuade your partner to attend counselling sessions.

Thinking of couple therapy as last resort

Working on your relationship challenges as it arises is the best way to make a relationship functional. When issues escalate to “irreconcilable differences” it can become harder to break the dysfunctional patterns. Do not hesitate to connect with our relationship counsellor if you perceive a persisting issue in your relationship. The earlier you identify it, the easier it is to resolve it.

Thinking of therapy as a quick fix

It takes time to change one’s perspective and behaviour that are negatively affecting the relationship. Mostly because these perceptions and habits have been influenced by years of life experience in a particular societal, economic or cultural context. You need to give both the therapist and yourself time to understand and resolve the root cause of the problem.

Financial Constraints

At Heart It Out, we believe that nothing should come in the way of mental well-being, especially, financial constraints. Our packages are designed to support you in your relationship without breaking your bank

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What Our Clients Say

Nothing speaks louder than client testimonials when it comes to therapy. So here are reviews from some of the amazing humans
we were honoured to support in the journey of mental well-being.

Sailesh Bharghav

star star star star star
Our therapist provided us with a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about some of the most difficult things. It is extremely important that we feel safe to share our deepest/darkest stories with a counsellor. I have consulted few other counsellors but the therapist at Heart It Out has been the best so far. She has been compassionate, empathetic and confident.
Totally recommend her.

Dia Agarwal

star star star star star
This is the third couples counsellor we have visited and the first one who actually matches our vibes. We can openly talk about our conflicts, without any fear of judgement. She breaks down our conflicts in a way we can both understand and relate to. It really helps when someone listens to you as an objective listener.
We are already experiencing a change in the way we communicate.

Kusum Krishna

star star star star star
Our therapist from Heart It Out is very understanding and insightful. Sessions with her have helped us become more empathetic towards each other. Not to mention, interactions between us has vastly improved because of the practical exercises she suggested. Our friends and family can see the difference in our interaction too. It has been such an eye-opening experience for us as a couple.

Vivek Khanna

star star star star star
My therapist at Heart It Out has helped me tremendously — both individually and in my marriage. She has helped me find my own individual self which desperately needed self-care! She spoke to my spouse as well and helped him be more empathetic to my experiences and perspectives. She made me realize how I really felt about so many things and guided my thoughts for my own betterment.

Nandini S

star star star star
As a couple, we couldn’t choose to break up or stick together. Despite our love for each other, we felt overwhelmed by our conflicts. Visiting our therapist helped us view the conflicts from each other’s perspectives — which was a huge help in reducing the occurrence of it. We applied the techniques suggested by our therapist and understood how we can work together to make our relationship better.

Ratan Chowdhury

star star star star star
I was quite clueless on how to approach my partner with the issues I was facing in the relationship. After attending a session with my therapist, I understood how to include him in the process without offending or alienating him. Thanks to the strategies, I was able to persuade him to come to the sessions and now we are working on our issues together. Becoming a better couple every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about couple therapy.
If your query is not listed here, reach out to us and request a call-back.

Couple therapy helps you identify and resolve conflicts in your relationship healthily. It can aid in establishing open, honest communication and breaking dysfunctional patterns that are negatively affecting the relationship.

In a couples counselling session, a therapist will understand the dynamics of your relationship, act as a neutral mediator and provide insights into your individual strengths or weaknesses. This will help you, as a couple, to learn constructive ways in which you can interact or communicate by showing love and support for each other — even when you are coping with conflict.

Couple therapy caters to couples who are dating, committed, engaged, married or in an LGBTQ+ relationship. It is always advisable to identify and resolve couple-related conflicts in the initial stages rather than waiting for them to escalate.

In individual therapy, the person attending the session is the protagonist. In couple therapy, the relationship between the couple is the protagonist. Furthermore, in individual therapy, the focus of the sessions are “You vs.Them”, while in couple therapy the focus of the sessions is “Us vs. Problems”.

Couple therapy is beneficial to your relationship as well as your individual self. Book a session with our in-house expert and identify why your partner/spouse don’t want to participate. It can be due to a range of reasons like lack of perception, awareness or overwhelming stress from daily life. A visit to the therapist can help you come up with a plan that fits your specific circumstance.

Couples counselling gives you a safe place to be vulnerable and honest. You and your partner will re-learn how to listen to each other and therefore empathize with each other. Relationship counselling can help you remember why you fell in love with your partner in the first place, clear up past resentments and enable you to break out of the dysfunctional patterns that are negatively affecting your relationship.

Initially, once in 15 days. The first sessions will be dedicated to identifying the conflicts and their roots in the relationship. As therapy progresses, the sessions will be reduced to once a month. Once our therapist is satisfied that you have effectively resolved your problem, you can reduce the session numbers to once in six months for continual maintenance of the relationship.

Yes. Request for a call-back by filling out your details in the form above. You can also reach out to our team of First Responders on +917892551372. They will help you find the right mental health professional, in addition to booking your session.

Yes. A relationship counsellor will participate as a neutral and objective moderator, listening to both sides of the story. In case of separation, the therapist will not only help you understand the causes for it but also help you come to terms with the transition and the factors accompanying it.

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