Counselling Skills 301 & 401
September 25 - September 26
Workshop Agenda:
Understanding the role of your client’s abstract/unconscious thoughts and other cognitive processes that are related to decisional counselling.

Workshop Take-aways:
  • Every counsellor possesses some inherent skills, some of which can be honed, while others are acquired through practice and experience.
  • A counsellor’s interactions with their client are the most important and powerful tool in the counsellor-client relationship.
  • Work on skills that can be polished and learnt.
  • Gain insights from real-life case studies, practical examples, or anecdotes.
Who can attend this
You are eligible to register if you are,
  • a student of psychology at an undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctorate level
  • committed to practicing as a psychotherapist in India
  • willing to dedicate weekend mornings to The Practica
  • an open-minded, curious, kind, and respectful human
Learning Outcomes
  • Practice empathic confrontation
  • Understand the abstract/ unconscious thoughts
  • Provide effective feedback
  • Understand the cognitive processes related to decisional counselling
  • Practice refined questioning skills.
  • Integrate innate and acquired skills
  • Identify multicultural differences.
Sumithra Sridhar
Sumithra Sridhar is a certified counselling psychologist in Bangalore, India. Her expertise in the area of relationships, couples and marriage counseling for over 5000 hours has allowed her to stay constantly ahead of the learning curve.
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