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The Heart It Out Academy is a practical skill-based initiative made for psychology students, enthusiasts, and therapists. It brings together theoretical knowledge and practical skills, giving trainees the full experience.

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Our Mission

Having studied psychology through the Western lens, we noticed a concerningly wide gap between what was taught and what we saw in the field as practitioners. Years of collective experience and community wisdom have led us to slowly unravel the reality of the mental health field in India.

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Courses & workshops

Join our ICPEM certified courses and gain deeper understanding of psychology.


Psychology undergraduates, post graduates and practitioners.


Join India's favorite Psychology internship program for hands-on experience.


Students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduates degrees in psychology.

Become A mind coach

Get trained by professionals and start your career as a mental health professional.


2nd year masters students and graduates with a masters degree.


The Practica Program consists of five carefully curated courses, each focusing on distinct aspects of mental health and well-being. Each course has lessons that address a specific area of mental health. You can enroll for the whole program, a single course, or a single lesson. This program allows you to be flexible with your learning as professionals from different walks of life who have to implement mental health care in their work.

Psychiatric and Psychological Emergency Care

Grasp emergency care and make it accessible and effective.

Online 01 Aug Thursday Counselling Skills 101 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm ICPEM Certified Course 499/- Only Vaishnavi Rao

Counselling Skills 101

Enhance active listening skills & grasp verbal/non-verbal cues in therapy.

05 Aug Monday Suicide Prevention and Aftercare 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm Online ICPEM Certified Course 499/- Only Aadya Mehrotra