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We help organizations reduce attrition, increase productivity and create a balanced workplace environment to ensure happiness and peak performance.

Employer Challenges
Employee Challenges

employers struggle to keep culture intact as the company grows

employers battle to maintain work-life balance for their employees

employers suffer with high attrition rates owing to lack of employee belongingness

employees actively struggle with mental health and wellbeing concerns

people working from home are stressed about deadlines and prone to burnout

professionals hesitate to ask for help at their work place owing to low team engagement

Our Unique Approach to combating these Challenges


Patent Pending Diagnostic Assessment Tool to assess the Human Potential Index of your organisation on 130+ Markers of Wellbeing and Efficiency


Dynamic Dashboards to track real time burnout
and productivity of your employees


Curated activities and engagements that increase team cohesiveness and communication


Data Driven behaviour modification and insights on company growth and wellbeing

Who Can Benefit?



We guide determined entrepreneurs to figure out the ropes of a growing business



Our curated wellbeing program adds value to niche firms and boutique ventures


Mid-size Companies

We support companies in maintaining the culture of their organisation as they scale



We provide large scale solutions that can be easily plugged into existing processes


Educational Instituitions

We support school administration and teachers with a healthy environment for thriving young minds


Non-Profit Organisations

We customise wellbeing solutions to organisations that work in a variety of fields; grassroot included

We work with companies across the globe to create Wellbeing Programs that help their employees feel good about themselves, no matter if they're in Mumbai or Sacramento.

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IGNITE: Catalyst For Growth

Understanding one’s potential leads to the discovery of their capabilities. Ignite aims to catalyse this process by analysing how your team functions and interacts with the world around them. We identify problematic areas and create be-spoke solutions to increase productivity, motivation, and employee engagement levels.

Diagnosis Personal Therapeutic Care 24/7 Support Learning Capsules Wellbeing Kit

Human Resource Integration Management (HRIM)

We equip your Human Resources team with 21st century skills to improve employee engagement and reduce attrition. We also help them set up vital processes to track your employees’ needs and concerns to boost workplace efficiency by implementing improved compliances.

Seamless Onboarding & Exit Process Legal Compliance Training Team Bonding and Communication

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your company can really thrive when your employees are assisted with the right approach and tools. We offer you the freedom to choose from our range of cost-effective wellbeing solutions. We also recommend the right EAP service for you based on the number of employees, major concerns, etc. A promising solution for visionaries.

WellBeing Session WellBeing Toolkit

Having The Right Wellbeing Partner Is Important. Here's Why Companies LOVE Us!

Unlimited, Immediate Access to Mental Health Support and Resources
Customisable plans for all your and your employees wellbeing needs
A simple process that makes mental health care easily available for everyone
In-depth analytics for accurate reporting and data backed decision making
Learn easily implementable wellness skills from our mental health experts
Value for your time and money guaranteed by us

Are you an Educational Institution?


Learning is crucial throughout all walks of life. We believe the immense stress and expectations that weigh down on students can be a hindrance to their wellbeing. Therefore, we provide extensive support for students and academic staff through group sessions, seminars, and wellness training to increase awareness and skills.


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