Corporate Wellness Coaching Starting at ₹99/-

We provide tailored solutions to help companies nurture a healthy work environment, enhance productivity, boost retention rates, and build employee cohesion.

Corporate Wellness Coaching Starting at ₹99/-

Proven Outcomes, Demonstrated Values


Increased Revenue


Improved Productivity


Reduced Attrition

Common Challenges Companies Face 

High absenteeism rates

The pressures of work and life can be taxing - leading to stress, obesity, high blood pressure, and other physical problems that cause employees to take an excessive number of sick or personal days.

Ineffective Communication

In today’s hybrid environments, employees don't get to build interpersonal relationships. This leads to a lack of cohesion, conflicts, and poor communication that damage morale and affect efficiency.

High Attrition

A lack of a warm, supportive environment to thrive in can dramatically increase staff turnover as employees look to work in places that offer recognition, appreciation, and visionary leadership.

Where Heart It Out Steps In

Our Corporate Wellbeing Programme offers a comprehensive coaching bundle that can transform your business. Our scientifically-backed training and development sessions, practical activities, and interactive discussions create a happier, more effective work environment that fosters a culturally empowered team.

By increasing productivity, decreasing absenteeism, and developing skills, we help you create a healthy workplace with a grounded and confident organizational culture. Let's work together towards a more successful future!

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Workshop Hours

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Company Wellness Offerings

How We Deliver

We’ve got everything you need to make your employees feel supported and have a positive work environment while getting the best results for your company’s growth.

We have options for all of your needs.


Career Guidance, Time Management & Improvement of Productivity

ONE ON ONE Therapy

Emotional Guidance & Improved Interpersonal relationships between managers & employees


Leadership level guidance on people management and vision alignment


Available in 15+ Indian languages to employees & their family for emergencies


Including clinical diagnostics to understand staff competency and state of mind


For small and large groups on engaging topics like communication & efficiency


Periodic reviews at the leadership level to reduce attrition and meet company goals


Products made by persons with disabilities for birthdays, work anniversaries, festivals and company wide celebrations


Games and interactions based on science to improve team strength & company cuture

Strengthen Your Company’s Culture Today

Curated Wellness Paths For Your Needs

Our programmes integrate technology and the human touch for an easy and effective wellbeing journey for your company.

Employee Assistance Program

One on One Therapy

Leadership & Productivity Workshops

Fun team building & bonding events

24x7 Emergency Support

Ignite Wellbeing Program

Employee Assistance Program

Leadership & CXO Level Interventions

Attrition Reduction

Company level strategic work

Snippets of Growth By Companies  

Create A Thriving Workforce

How It Works

Your employees’ growth and wellbeing in simple steps.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team

Work with wellness coaches and see changes in your company from day one.

Engage in practical activities, and training events, and attend awareness sessions.

Observe and celebrate the progress your company has made.

Frequently Asked Questions

From an organisational standpoint, human wellness, the most important and tangible resource, is critical to ensuring both a company's and an individual's growth and health. Without well-functioning, satisfied, and driven employees, a company lacks efficiency. So it’s important to make sure every employee’s wellbeing is looked after in the workplace.

A Corporate Wellbeing Programme is all about growth and contentment from the employees’ standpoint as well as the workforce as a whole. The programme takes action to ensure employees’ mental health and wellbeing, along with creating and maintaining a sense of belongingness and job satisfaction. It aims to increase happiness and harmony within the workplace, which increases employee efficiency and the overall revenue of the business.

Because corporate wellbeing programmes are holistic and innovative in nature, they help:
  • employees realise their potential,
  • build social and interpersonal skills,
  • learn to manage stress effectively,
  • provide other health benefits depending on the type of programme.
All in all, they focus on helping employees thrive in a healthy and growth-oriented workplace.

Through our Corporate Wellbeing Programme, we offer 24/7 emotional support for your employees. As we aim for holistic growth we employ concepts of effective productivity, mental health, and interpersonal relations. To do this, we organise fun events, one-on-one guidance and therapy, and training programmes for specific roles in your organisation.

As we are primarily a mental health organisation, our wellbeing programme is headed by psychologists and organisational experts who are well-equipped and passionate about creating a healthy work environment. Our programme is a harmonious integration of technology and human touch, which makes it effective and fundamental.

Heart It Out provides several one-on-one services in their wellbeing programme, ensuring that every employee's concerns are heard and addressed. According to recent studies, one in four employees feels like their employer doesn't care about them, and we aim to change this by offering individual support 24/7. We also offer events like workshops and awareness and training sessions. Issues within the workplace, like discrimination and toxic behaviour, will be tackled. Additionally, employees will be given a safe and inclusive space to express themselves and get along better with their coworkers.

Wellbeing programmes target a number of issues present in the workplace. Not only does this change the workplace ambience to one more peaceful and productive, but it also saves the company money!

Access to simple employee benefits like healthcare and insurance is not enough; companies must also look after their employees' health. Otherwise, money is lost through poor employee healthcare expenses and an increased number of sick days taken by their employees. Wellbeing programmes aim to reduce company costs and improve employee health and, therefore, performance.

As a mental health organisation, Heart It Out has over 20,000 hours of experience providing mental health care, 4,000 hours of research and development, and 5000 happy clients. Our wellness programmes were designed and led by psychologists, ensuring better mental health among employees. We have psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, and coaches, who offer mental health support in more than one area. This is why we have a high success rate and a positive reception to our programmes. We guarantee success in a more productive, happy, healthy, cohesive, and morale workforce.

One might think wellness programmes would immediately incorporate random breaks and events into an already hectic work schedule. But we do not just cater to the typical standards of a wellness programme. During the first week of our wellness programme, we assess and analyse the current state of the company and its employees. Diagnostic tests are conducted at every level, from individual to managerial positions, to help HR better cater to their employees' needs. Additionally, with one-on-one therapy for employees, personalised dashboards, and constant training/events, we make sure companies and their employees receive valuable and unmatched support.

Heart It Out's Employer Assistance Programme focuses on improving employee productivity and performance and providing one-on-one training for employees. This is accomplished through available therapy, workshops, and hosted events. Here’s a list of all the features of the Employee Assistance Programme:
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Leadership and productivity workshops
  • Fun team building and bonding events
  • 24x7 emergency support

Our IGNITE Programme focuses on helping employees grow and reach their full potential to help companies develop as a whole. This is accomplished through organised interventions, workshops, hosted events, and emergency support. Here’s a list of all the features of the IGNITE programme: Employee Assistance Programme Leadership and CXO-level interventions Attrition reduction strategies Company-level strategic work

The holistic health model looks at factors such as mental, emotional, financial, environmental, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, and social wellbeing. Heart It Out makes full use of this model by focusing on each aspect of an employee's wellbeing from their mental health to their physical health. Our corporate wellbeing programme gives every employee support and access to resources and methods. This improves their health in each area, whether it's social, emotional, or even spiritual.

We love collaborating with the HR department to make sure a healthy workplace environment is created (and maintained). We not only train HR on better performing certain procedures but also keep them up-to-date on the needs and desires of the employees. With every diagnostic test, we can better understand the state of the company and what it needs and translate that information to the HR department for a better, well-run company. This programme will fill in the gap that many employees feel is prevalent in the workforce; according to recent studies, one in four employees feel like HR does not care about them.

We offer a wide variety of training sessions, including sessions for HR. Many of Heart It Out's training sessions focus on better employee integration, like training HR to properly introduce new employees to the workforce and give them all the bearings they need. Heart It Out also provides awareness training, like PoSH, which focuses on raising awareness of harassment in the workplace. Besides this, employees will have several workshops in which they will have to learn new tasks and skills integral to their work. HR will also be trained in how to deal with abrupt situations, track employee progress and growth, and handle financial situations.

India has one of the largest workforces in the world, despite studies showing that over 85% of employees do not have corporate wellness programmes. An alarming 36% of the workforce is known to suffer from mental illnesses. And the most common consequences of lack of access to resources in the workplace are sleep deprivation, poor health, deteriorating family relationships, unhappiness, and social isolation.

However, along with the growing awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing, more and more studies have been conducted on this topic, and several results attest to the effectiveness of these programmes, mostly through an increase in employee retention (by 51%), job satisfaction (by 74%), and productivity (by 53%). Additionally, studies have shown effective wellbeing programmes can bring in an average of around 50% ROI to the company and employers.

Our awareness and training sessions are gamified and require a lot of teamwork and communication. We make sure teams feel competitive (in a healthy way) and productive as they interact with us and other teams through sessions. Our personalised dashboards also keep track of progress made among teams and employees, and we reward each winning team’s efforts and appreciate employees for their contributions and skills.

Prices start at 99/- per month, ranging up to 3599/- per month depending on the programme chosen. For any questions, reach out to the head of the department: namratha@heartitout.in

How To Implement Positive Psychology In A Workplace?

Hear from Heart It Out’s psychologists on how to create a workplace that defines harmony, teamwork, productivity, and efficiency.

Set team goals for a collaborative and supportive environment.

Cultivate gratitude and recognition for colleagues.

Empower employees' personal and professional growth.

Set team goals for a collaborative and supportive environment.

Foster healthy relationships based on respect, trust, and empathy.

Create purpose and motivation in work.

Recognize and celebrate employee achievements.

Encourage self-reflection and development.

Provide conflict resolution training and resources.

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