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Does My Child Need Therapy?

"Parenting is no magic carpet ride!"

It can be tough to decide when exactly it’s time to reach out for professional support. How do you know if your child needs help?

You can notice signs that may signal that your child needs intervention and professional care for better growth. For instance, if your child is showing physical or mental developmental delays, and/or behaving in ways that are considered inappropriate, speaking to a professional can help your child and you. We have listed some common challenges that children may need support with in the following sections. Our child therapists have 10+ years of experience in the field working with children and can help address concerns in a child’s life that are significantly impacting their development and well-being.

Our aim is to support your child become better prepared and independent for any challenges they face – both now and in the future.

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How Can Child Therapy Help?

Child therapy can help your child concentrate and perform better academically, build confidence and improve their relationship with others, and also address and overcome any “bad” behaviours.

Child Therapy for Educational Drops
Sudden, unexplained drop in grades at school
Child Counselling for Inability
Inability to concentrate, think clearly, or make decisions
Child Counselling for underconfidence
Underconfidence and low self-esteem
Child Therapy for Relationship Problems
Relationship with others
Child Therapy for Unacceptable behaviour
Unacceptable behaviour
Child Therapy for Excessive Screen time
Excessive screen time

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Poorvasha Mathur

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himself is a parent who believed first. "

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Sneha Jain

"Children are likely to live up to what you
believe of them. "

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Ananya Mirji

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Focus on Results

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What Can Child Therapy Help With?

Child therapy can enhance your child’s emotional, social and mental well-being
and support their growth and holistic development

Speech Or Language Delay

Child Counselling for Speech Or Language Delay

Communication is one of the most essential contributors to the process of learning. A delay in speech or language might affect your child’s learning process. Therapist can help the child achieve functional communication expectations through early intervention.

Problematic Behaviour

Child Counselling for Problematic Behaviour

We know, parenting is hard. Dealing with behavioural problems of your child and recognising any related difficulties early on is critical. We can help you understand why the child is behaving in a particular way and replace it with positive behaviour.


Child Counselling for Disability

Disability is not an inability. In instances of ADHD, ASD, or LD, Early intervention is always recommended. It enables the professionals to work quicker on the identified concerns — helping your child lead a more independent and successful life.

Lacking Socio-Emotional Skills

Child Counselling for Lacking Socio-Emotional Skills

Childhood is a crucial time to develop patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving, especially in relation to others. These patterns can impact their socio-emotional well-being ranging from difficulty in sharing or taking turns, inability to understand emotions and form relationships.

Independence In Daily Skills

Child Counselling for Independence In Daily Skills

Activities of daily living are essential skills that include the child's ability to perform self-care skills such as toileting, feeding, and grooming activities. Specialised intervention is necessary to help children grow up to become responsible, confident and independent adults.

Positive Parenting

Child Counselling for Positive Parenting

We believe that caregivers understand what is best for their child so we thrive to make you a co-therapist as well. Experts can help you set healthy boundaries for your child and in turn, help you cope better when faced with parenting struggles.

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What Parents Say About Us

It is wonderful when we hear parents rejoicing in the growth of their children that has resulted from therapy.
Here are some reviews we would love to share with you:

Dhanamjaya K

star star star star star

My therapist is very interactive and friendly during sessions. She is sincere on scheduling therapy sessions on time and update it to the parent as well. She suggests activity as per the child’s current situation and provide additional information on how to play and talk to the child during activities.

Raj Kumar

star star star star star
My therapist clarifies all the doubts and explains everything in detail. If any problem occurs, she will always explain it in simple way and helps me to make the task easy. Totally recommend her.Our son has responded well to these strategies, has shown tremendous improvement.

Pratap Singh

star star star star star
It was a great experience with my therapist here. I got a lot of knowledge about my child, now he is performing a lot of activities, and has shown improvement in a lot of areas. She went out of her way to help me understand things. She gives us a lot of tips to further improvise and make them fun for him.

Aditi Agarwal

star star star star star
My therapist has created a systematic plan across 4-5 areas of focus for our son. So, we have a lot of ideas, but are also not overwhelmed. When our son didn't respond to some activities, she customized them based on his style and needs. He loves some activities so much that he asks us for it on his own!! Thanks for helping our son make progress and have fun while doing so.

Varsha Bhaskar

star star star star
Within the first month itself, we were able to see improvement in his writing and hand-eye coordination. All the worksheets and activities suggested by my therapist made him more confident in his academics and in life skills. The unique and fun nature of these activities engaged him in a fun manner. You are doing an extremely important job and we as a society thank you.

Sarita Sinha

star star star star star
My experience with the sessions were amazing. It really helped me think in the right way and got to know my son better. She has also formed a wonderful relationship with my son and he absolutely adores her. He speaks about her very fondly and is always excited to communicate with her. They have really become good friends in the last few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that so much information can be overwhelming. So we have listed out a few
common queries for you.

All children develop differently. Parents are more likely to notice delay when there is a sudden change in a child. There could be something specific they should be doing but are not, such as responding to their name. Or there could be unexplained behaviours, like frequent temper tantrums sparked by seemingly nothing. Always go for an expert evaluation if you have any concerns regarding your child’s development.

Child therapist offers invaluable insight into your child’s socio-emotional development and mental health and helps them through the difficulties that might arise across developmental stages. It is important to understand that many times “glitches” in these areas may not be visible to the people closest to the child. That is where experts come in.

If children experience delays due to developmental, behavioural, academic or social concerns, professional therapy may be the recommended approach to help your child. It is never too late or early for a child to seek intervention. However, intervention is indeed likely to be more effective when it is provided earlier in life rather than later.

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on the age at which the right intervention starts. Later the intervention, the larger the lag between age and functionality. The sooner the right intervention starts, the earlier the results are seen — and soon you can witness the child learning age-appropriate skills and positive behaviour.

When we are progressing on our penned down plan and gradually trying to match skills with the expectations of a child's age. Training should try to cover the lag between age and functionality of the child to be called as appropriate.

Absolutely, yes! Child psychologists work collaboratively with parents. It helps the therapists come up with ideas that are tailor-made for your child. With young children, parents end up being more actively involved whereas with older children parents’ input is vital. It is helpful to keep the parents in the loop about the progress and the areas of development.

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