Alisha Singh

I love retail therapy and to buy stuff that adds value is nice. I've even gifted it to my sister and friends for birthdays. Each product is so well thought out and mindful.

Francis D'Costa

The Periodic Table of Human Emotions is such a game-changer for understanding emotions. I use it with students at school to teach. it's been helpful to manage conflicts too.

Anushka Bhatt

I gifted a Pamper Her Kit to my sister and she loved how practical and beautiful it was. Each product was well made and great packaging too.

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Our minds, bodies and the earth are our three homes. Lets take care of it. Together


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Angry & After Zines is the perfect zen-zine for peace! Befriend your anger to conquer it.

Our minds, bodies and the earth are our three homes. Lets take care of it. Together


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