Angry & After

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We all get angry. At the stranger who cut us off on the road, and at our friend for not showing up on time. And no one really likes being angry. A group of psychologists got together, researched over a thousand hours and made a Zine to help you understand and sail through your anger.

The Angry & After Zine is a visual journey into your own mind and what can help you when the rage hits. It is designed to help you map your emotions of anger easily, thereby opening a pathway to long lasting change. We have a curated set of tiny habits and changes in thought patterns to unlock the pressure build up and allow for a rational calmness to flow.

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Made in India
Designed by Experts
Made by people with disabilities

About Angry & After

We have consolidated years of research and expert experience into this bite-sized zine to enable affective strategies for anger management.

  • Creatively curated fun-to-read content
  • Concise, crisp and portable (40 pages)
  • Interactive and simple exercises
  • 100% research backed

A portion of your purchase provides medical access to people with mental health conditions.


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