Pocket Notebook


Within your mind exist thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Every idea you have needs to be written down because if you don’t you’re going to lose it into the “never-ending abyss” of your mind. Having said that, wouldn’t you wish for something handy like a “pocket” friendly place to write it all down? We’ve come up with a not-so-complicated solution to help you keep track of the chaos within.

Say hello to The Pocket Notebook, much like its predecessor, the doodle book, is a fun-sized notebook that is a tool to help you scribble your heart out, all in one place, and carry them around with ease. Convenient, right?

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Made in India
Made by people with disabilities

About this Item

  • Fun Sized: A5
  • Lightweight (50 Pages)
  • Plain paper for writing and drawing
  • Available in three colourful variations!

A portion of your purchase provides medical access to people with mental health conditions.


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