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Mitali is our in-house child psychologist. She works with children, teenagers, and adults — towards improving their emotional intelligence, and regulating their behaviour. She also works across concerns pertaining to social and mental health issues among youth. She has a professional and ambitious approach, possessing all the primary skills needed in her field.

  • Expertly deals with the psychological, behavioural, social, and emotional needs of children.
  • She is a life skill and behavioural trainer.
  • Counsellor and mental health care provider.

About Mitali

"My personal philosophy is empowering others and creating a positive perspective of life circumstances with a genuine, caring, and nurturing nature."
Mitali has always exuded vigour and dedication through her work and accomplishments. Her profession as a child psychologist began when she worked as a school psychologist, and value education teacher at Citizen English/High School, Hoskote, from July 2017 to March 2019.

Feeling strongly that she needed to learn more, and gain more experience — she took on the role of a school psychologist and life skill trainer at The Polaris International School between June 2019 to September 2021. Mitali also contributed and worked as a psychological counsellor and behavioural trainer at Dorcas Health Care. She has volunteered enthusiastically with initiatives such as “Let’s Talk”, “Psychology India”, “”, and many more!

Being grounded on the notion (from personal experience too), Mitali believes that it is not easy to understand a child’s difficulties. While parents may be able to understand physical difficulties better, trying to decipher what lies deep within, in terms of struggles and feelings is where she believes child psychology would be extremely useful. This way, she can tend to children with highly sensitive concerns/needs, to understand and ease their struggles. During her leisure time, she loves to volunteer, do community service or charity work, and travel. Her artistic side shines through her ability to write well too!

Areas of Expertise


Recommended For

Age group: 2 to18


Emotional issues

Interpersonal and intrapersonal concerns

Academic and social challenges

Parenting styles

Teenager issues.

Mitali's Qualification

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PhD in Psychology
S K M University Dumka, Jharkhand


Post-Graduation in Psychology with Specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology
S K M University Dumka, Jharkhand


Bachelor in Psychology
S K M University Dumka, Jharkhand


Honours courses in basic counselling skills, hypnosis and psychoanalytic techniques.

What Mitali's Clients Say


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My therapist has created a systematic plan across 4-5 areas of focus for our son. So, we have a lot of ideas but are also not overwhelmed. When our son didn't respond to some activities, she customized them based on his style and needs. He loves some activities so much that he asks us for them on his own! Thanks for helping our son progress and have fun while doing so.


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My experience with the sessions was amazing. It really helped me think in the right way and get to know my son better. She has also formed a wonderful relationship with my son and he absolutely adores her. He speaks about her very fondly and is always excited to communicate with her. They have really become good friends in the last few months.


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My therapist clarifies all the doubts and explains everything in detail. If any problem occurs, she will always explain it in a simple way, helping me to break down the task into easy steps. Totally recommend her. Our son has responded well to these strategies and has shown tremendous improvement.

Mitali's Session Offerings

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9AM - 5PM

Flexible Timing


English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi