What is the AGENDA of this workshop?

The First Responder Training is designed to equip students, healthcare professionals, teachers, lawyers, and parents with essential skills to effectively respond in case of mental health emergencies. The dynamic course will empower participants with vital knowledge of how hotlines operate, enabling them to harness this critical resource when confronted with distressing cases. Through interactive sessions, participants will delve into the inner workings of becoming a first responder, the different types of crises, effective crisis response and access to stakeholders in the community. Take your knowledge and skills to the next level by joining this transformative First Responder training.

Who can ATTEND this workshop?

You are eligible to register if you are,


Psychology students,Law students, Sociology students,Engineering students



Social workers

Doctors, Nurses

Police people

It's basically open to the general public!

What will you LEARN at the end of this workshop?

Assess and learn the impact of different types of crisis situations

Learn and develop skills to become a first responder and gatekeeper

Learn different technologies that are used to run a large-scale crisis hotline

Meet your TRAINER

What to EXPECT

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