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Approaching the twilight years of life can be a daunting experience. In addition to being increasingly aware of one’s physical frailty, old age can also lead one to experience debilitating psychological concerns that can make daily functioning difficult. Often overlooked as a normal part of the ageing process, these psychological concerns (like dementia, or Alzheimer’s) require early intervention rather than being ignored.

If you know a loved one between the ages of 40-65 who requires psychological, emotional and physical guidance for their underlying concerns — or maybe someone who wants a reliable support system to help them navigate these golden years — then reach out to us. Our experts are here to help you and your loved ones!

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What Can Geriatric Counselling Help With?

As a responsible adult in the family who seeks to assist the elderly
and provide the necessary support for them to live an easy-going life, you can seek intervention
from a geriatric expert at Heart It Out. We can help you if an elderly family member is:

Communication Breakdown


Experiencing any existing physical, emotional or mental health-related concerns. Our expert will not minimise the concerns but rather equip your loved ones with techniques and ways to prevent problems in the future.

Personality Clash


In need of a viable support system to resolve unhealthy ways of thinking and acting. Our experts can aid them with self-help activities that will help improve their behaviour.

Feeling Unheard


Geriatric therapy helps not only the senior citizens battling psychological concerns but also their loved ones. Counselling enables the family to be a nourishing support system for the elderly family member. Therapy equips the family with various strategies and techniques to help them cope better with the concerns faced by the senior member of the family.

Expectation Mismatch


A therapist can not only help you identify and gain insight into areas that are stopping you from being the partner you want to be, but also equip you with efficient tools to cope with the situation.



Cheating can cause scars or trauma that are difficult to heal even after one carefully rebuilds the relationship. Therapy can help heal these as it works towards uncovering the root of the problem and enables you to reconnect healthily in the process.

Seeing Eye-To-Eye


Relationships work efficiently when both partners give consent to every major decision taken. However, arriving at a consensus can be difficult and you might need expert help with it. Our therapist can be that objective voice that helps you arrive there.

Choose a Counselling Plan

Select a counselling plan that meets your well-being requirements


Accept who you are and embark on a journey towards fulfilment.

image Online session available
image 1 hour therapy session
image Valid for 3 months

Price : 2499/-


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Identify and resolve old negative patterns or ways of thinking.

image Online session available
image 3 x 1 hour therapy session
image Valid for 6 months

Price : 7499/-


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Experience growth and change in a greater sense. Commit to a process that will ensure a fulfilling life.

image Online session available
image 5 x 1 hour therapy session
image Valid for 12 months

Price : 12499/-


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How Can Geriatric Counselling Help?

Couples’ therapy is not restricted to couples with extreme conflicts or problems in their relationship but can also help couples who may want to

Ensuring A Smooth Transition: When we enter our twilight years, various changes unfold — like retirement, battling multiple medical conditions, physical changes in terms of lack of mobility as compared to earlier — that can hinder various tasks and can be overwhelming to deal with. Geriatric intervention can make this daunting experience smooth and easy-going. It can ease the adjustment process, in addition to helping your loved one find an overall sense of purpose during the transition.
Battling Depression And Anxiety: Depression and anxiety during old age can be due to a range of reasons. These might include the loss of a loved one, or a feeling of constant dependency, or a lack of financial stability among others. It can be overwhelming to experience all these emotions at once. Geriatric counsellors specialise in making these overwhelming changes a lot easier with the help of strategies and techniques that ensure results.
Coping With Grief And Loss: Everyone, irrespective of their age, deals with grief and loss. However, these feelings tend to magnify as we get older. With already existing mental and physical conditions, these feelings can have a compounded effect on an elderly person. Opting for therapy will enable them to cope better with grief and loss, as the therapist will equip them with various strategies to effectively ease the pain.
Managing Mild Cognitive Impairment: Older adults commonly experience loss in memory, which often leads to significant mental health concerns like dementia. This, in turn, can trigger various psychological concerns like depression or anxiety. A geriatric counsellor can help slow down the memory loss and make the individual feel empowered by engaging them in tasks that keep their minds active.
Dealing With Loneliness And Isolation: As we grow older, forming new social relationships can become a tedious chore. In addition to that, the passing time ensures that we lose our existing connections as well — either to the inevitability of death or to the uncertainty of life. With geriatric counselling, elderly people can prevent social isolation by working on their social skills with a therapist. Therapy has been proven to decrease the effects of isolation dramatically.
Establish emotional strength and build relationship resilience.

What We Can Assure


Focus on Results

Improved quality of life


Safe and trusted environment.


Both online and in-person sessions are available
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What Might Stop You From Seeking Help

Seeking help is vital for all humans to lead a functional and healthy life.
Nevertheless, reaching out for help can sometimes be more overwhelming than the actual problem.
Especially, due to the following reasons:

Societal stigma

The ‘stigma’ attached to mental illness: Mental health concerns are constantly being addressed by everyone across the world on multiple platforms. More and more people are prioritising their mental health the same as their physical health. Nevertheless, a large part of the population continues to perceive mental health as a taboo. We aim to eradicate this taboo around mental health. Book a session with our expert to gain fresh perspectives and reconnect with yourself.

Fear of confidentiality

Fear of being judged by the expert: We understand the amount of courage it takes to be vulnerable and open up to someone, even if it is a professional with an intent to help. Our experts are full of unconditional positive regards and we assure you that no matter what, they empathise. There is zero room for judgement at Heart It Out.

Unpleasant past experiences:

Each individual can have varied experiences during a session. We understand how an unpleasant encounter in the past may hold you back from opening up again. Don’t you worry, we at Heart It Out offer a wide variety of plans to choose from before you commit to a long term plan. We want you to take your time and progress gradually. We’re just a call away.

Fear of novelty:

Trying something new for the first time can be overwhelming for a person of any age. More so, if you are someone who feels that they have experienced everything in life, and nothing new remains to be seen. When persuading your elderly member to try therapy for the first time, be mindful of the place and surroundings where you bring up the conversation. Do not pester if they seem uncomfortable. Give them the time and space they need, while giving them constant support. Reassure your loved one that it’s a sign of strength rather than weakness to take charge of their own health and seek help when required.

Generational gap:

The elderly people belong to a generation that thinks of mental health issues as unconventional and even fictitious in some cases. Though there might be an internal recognition for psychological intervention, elderly people take time to accept and value it the same as physical health.

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What Our Clients Say

Nothing speaks louder than client testimonials when it comes to therapy. So here are reviews from some of the amazing humans
we were honoured to support in the journey of mental well-being.


star star star star star
My mother has been recovering just fine after reaching out to Heart It Out for geriatric assistance. Their services are affordable and safe. My mother was inhibited from seeking help concerning her mental health. Nevertheless, she was comfortable, as the environment was positive and non-judgemental. Would highly recommend it for you and your loved ones.


star star star star star
I reached out to Heart It Out regarding geriatric help for my mother. Our expert on the team was Angela. She was not only professional and well equipped as a counsellor but also had a personal touch and a sense of comfort in her overall presence. My mother, apprehensive at the beginning, became so comfortable that she looked forward to her sessions with Angela every week! We’ve come a far way, and we cannot wait to see the final result.


star star star star star
The geriatric care at Heart It Out is fantastic and ever since I’ve been attending my sessions I’ve noticed a significant difference in both my mental and physical health. I feel active and lead a functional lifestyle. Getting better each day, I find myself leading a life where I have freedom in the decisions I make. All thanks to the team at Heart It Out.


star star star star star
My father was diagnosed with Dementia and we as a family had close to no idea how to go about it and manage some of the challenging behaviours such as memory loss. I had a detailed discussion with a professional at Heart It Out. Not only did they inform me about Dementia, but they also made me realise the importance of therapy for my father along with medication. The comprehensive care plan which we received included simple but effective activities like puzzles, brain-stimulating games, memory exercises etc which went a long way to keep my father cognitively engaged.


star star star star
Saumya Prakash is a great listener and a cooperative geriatric counsellor. She is highly patient and practices unconditional positive regard throughout her sessions. My aunt felt immense comfort opening up to her, in addition to being vulnerable about her thoughts and feelings.

Along with mental health-related support, Saumya’s counselling sessions have also led to a significant improvement in the physical health of my aunt. Great work Saumya!


star star star star star
Being a primary caregiver has been rewarding for me but there have been times when I felt overwhelmed and reached a state of burnout. Sharing these difficult emotions with my therapist made me realise that it is normal to feel this way! My counsellor offered a number of suggestions for stress management which allowed me to effectively manage stress. I will continue to seek support from my therapist so I can help my grandmother live her life peacefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about couple therapy.
If your query is not listed here, reach out to us and request a call-back.

It is important to discern between normal changes of ageing and mental health disorders. Changes in one's memory such as forgetting things, or the inability to remember names or details are considered as part of normal ageing. However, when it interferes with one’s ability to carry out daily chores, or complete tasks they are familiar with, or when they depict noticeable changes in behaviour such as aggression, then it needs to be addressed by a professional.

Heart It Out recognises your courage to take a step towards better mental health, that is why we make booking a session with us a quick and easy process. Booking a session at Heart It Out involves three easy steps —
Step 1- Click on the link to our website at
Step 2- Choose a counselling plan.
Step 3- Fill in your details. Receive confirmation via email.
Or request for a call-back by filling out your details in the form above. You can also reach out to our team of First Responders on +917892551372. They will help you find the right mental health professional, in addition to booking your session.

Resistance is quite common among the elderly. They might avoid seeking treatment for depression and anxiety. Fearing stigma, they might try to “go through it alone”, thinking that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Reassure your loved one that it’s a sign of strength to take charge in this way. If possible, talk to your loved one’s healthcare provider about options. We are here to assist you through it all.

Yes. Both mental and physical health are indeed interconnected with each other, in a way that if one gets affected the other suffers, and vice versa. It is essential to keep our physical health in check so we can lead a functional life and feel mentally at peace. An individual's mental health if not kept in check may have several physical impacts such as fatigue, excessive sleepiness, loss of appetite, or serious conditions like heart disease and paralysis. To lead a healthy life, both mental and physical health needs to be set on high priority.

Feeling of grief and loss after losing a loved one can be overwhelming for any individual — for the elderly, it can be all the more daunting. Magnified fear of death with other physical and mental health-related concerns can be a jarring experience. A geriatric counsellor will help their patients overcome the fear of death and losing a loved one by providing emotional support — in addition to engaging them in various self-help activities that can engage the mind, and maybe even help them face their fears.

An elderly person seeking geriatric guidance needs all the support not only from experts but from their immediate family too. At the same time, we cannot negate the fact that it can be intense and stressful for the caregivers or immediate family members of the older adult seeking geriatric help. As a family member/ caregiver, you can always seek help that is viable to keep your mental health and lifestyle in check. Reach out to our experts at Heart It Out. Visit our website.

The stigma attached to mental health is common, more so for the older generation in society. Their inhibition and resistance to psychological guidance are common. However, with patience, support, and a genuine urge to help they can be directed towards a better and healthy lifestyle. Reassure them and make them believe that you’re going to be there for them, every step they take.

Geriatric counselling/therapy has been proven to bring about significant improvement in the life of individuals dealing with mental health-related concerns and those around them as well. Geriatric experts provide solutions for mild and moderate symptoms like memory loss, depression and anxiety, among others. At Heart It Out we focus on the bigger picture. The journey to battle with mental and physical concerns can get overwhelming. Nevertheless, getting the right help can be effective and resolve these feelings during the initial stages itself.

Depression and anxiety for an older adult can be difficult to deal with considering the added burdens of the ageing process. Geriatric support and guidance can help an individual, their caregivers, and their family members — making the process of ageing a smooth one. Counselling will also help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety by discussing ways to overcome them.

As part of our paid package, we do a 30-minute counselling session with the family where we address your concerns/questions regarding Alzheimer’s. The aim is to keep you well informed throughout the process. We explain some common changes that can occur in those living with Alzheimer’s. In addition to that, we offer self-help strategies to manage your own well-being as a caregiver, if you are facing trouble fulfilling the role of one.

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