Namratha Dinesh

Head of Corporate Well-Being Programme at Heart It Out

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Apart from being a psychologist, Namratha is a social worker, who finds joy in building communities of change. She also enjoys spending time with animals and nature the most. She is most often on the lookout for traversing the mountains and making the most of what nature has blessed us with.

  • Being a vertical head and building the CWP department
  • Conducting a workshop for 100 people
  • Being the Employee of the month
  • Conducting a workshop for young children on Mental Well-Being
  • Building a program along with Global shaper to provide people with Mental Health Support during the pandemic

About Namratha

"There is only one corner of the universe you can certain of improving and that's your own self"Aldous Huxley
Namratha uses an extensive approach to guide her clients through their mental health journey. Together, they explore different perspectives; focusing on unconscious thoughts, desires and feelings. As a therapist, Namratha believes that her clients know best and that she is “just a catalyst to help them achieve their goals”

She believes that it’s important to know that taking care of yourself is a continuous journey and she will be there to help you through the process. Her go-to quote is “food is for plants and cats”. While being trapped in concrete surroundings, Namratha’s heart is always in awe of nature and its therapeutic power. She's very resourceful, quick on her feet, happy go lucky, easy to work with, agreeable and a warm person — the embodiment of sunshine bursting through fluffy clouds.

Areas of Expertise


Recommended For


Emotional regulation


Work-life balance

Work-related concerns

Self-esteem and self-worth challenges

Relationships concerns

Exam and academic stress

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Dealing with burnout

Anger management

Family Concerns

Namratha's Qualification

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PG Diploma in Therapy
A-CAT - Dorchester, United Kingdom


MSc Clinical Psychology
CMR University


BA in Psychology, Sociology and Literature
Christ University


Honours courses in basic counselling skills, hypnosis and psychoanalytic techniques.

What Namratha's Clients Say


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I gave therapy a chance for the first time ever in my life and I am so glad I did it. Going in for therapy can be scary but after attending the first session at Heart It Out, I felt understood and comfortable. My therapist gave me enough time and space to open up to them and express what I was feeling. As time passed, I felt more connected to myself and I’ve never looked back since.


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My therapist and I came to an understanding sooner than I had anticipated. She was so easy to open up to, and showed genuine empathy. Sessions with my therapist were time-bound but the support didn’t stop with the clock. My overall experience was positive, the team is cooperative and supportive. I would definitely recommend Heart It Out to anyone who is struggling with mental health-related challenges.


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My therapist helped me realise the importance of taking a moment to stop and value how far we’ve come in life. The sessions were smooth and it felt relaxing to open up to someone who truly heard me out. My therapist always gave me a lot to take back from my sessions with them. There were always some thoughts I would reflect on when I went back home, and bring them to forthcoming sessions. And as a result, I became self-aware and acknowledged the issues at hand in a rational way. Thank you so much.

Namratha's Session Offerings

Mode of Therapy




1.45 AM - 8 PM

Monday and Wednesday

9 AM - 3 PM

Friday and Saturday


English, Kannada, Malayalam