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Debanjan uses a comprehensive approach when treating his clients. He is empathetic and kind when he speaks to his clients and believes in one's future potential if they work on themselves consistently. He is the literal definition of a kind soul!

  • Received Academic Award for Psychiatric Care in 2021
  • Awarded with the prestigious ICMR Studentship Award in 2014
  • Research on psychiatric care published in the International Indexed Journal
  • Head of Psychiatry at Heart It Out

About Debanjan

"The more you explore and reciprocate, the greater the possibility for a better tomorrow."

Debanjan's comprehensive approach aids his clients in seeing life from a wider perspective. His patient nature is unwavering as he interacts with his clients and breaks down their mental health concerns. He ardently believes in helping his clients unlock their potential through self-exploration.

He has massive experience in the field of adult psychiatry, adolescent psychiatry, and psychiatric rehabilitation. His reasearch and work in patient care has also been published in the International Indexed Journal. He treats neurological concerns as well as medical or surgical issues in his clients.

Debanjan, is kind and supportive, and is the go-to person for his clients as a safe space!

Areas of Expertise


Recommended For

Mood Disorders

Personality Disorder



Psychiatry Genetics

Anxiety Disorders

Debanjan's Qualification

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Doctrine of Medicine (MD): Psychiatry
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMHANS) - Bangalore, India


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Agartala Govt. Medical College, 2018

What His Clients Say

Arman Sharma

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My psychiatrist, Debanjan, is extremely supportive. I was always a little uncertain about going for a psychiatric session. But I'm grateful that I finally made that choice. I explained my concerns to him, and he listened carefully and attentively. The moment I released my burdens, I felt understood. I am currently going for more sessions and Debanjan is helping me sort through issues that I have been facing for years. Thank you Debanjan!

Neha Selvarajan

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I didn't know I needed this support! It's so easy to brush your mental health concerns off as "normal." But Debanjan opened my eyes to the unhealed trauma I had been experiencing throughout my childhood. He worked with me on these issues one by one, explaining why I feel the way I do and providing me with a different perspective on how they have been affecting me. He's so caring and patient!

Sharon D'Silva

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I have been going to Dr. Debanjan for the past 2 months. The progress I have been making is beyond my comprehension. He understood my concerns and took the time to let me vent. Debanjan tackled my issues from the root, and we started treatment soon. As the treatment is ongoing, I feel a change in the way I deal with situations. It's good progress. I can't wait to see a complete change soon!

Debanjan's Session Offerings

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Monday to Friday, 4.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Flexible Timing


English, Hindi, Bengali