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Counselling Psychologist at Heart It Out

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Angela is warm, approachable and a bubbly person. During her free time, she enjoys jumping rope, running, and watching K dramas. She is passionate about her gin and loves gin tasking to explore different flavours (her favourite is floral tones!). You will also find her sipping on iced coffee very often.

"These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb." "

  • Worked for the NHS (UK) within a mental health service.
  • Research apprentice at Newcastle University, UK
  • Graduate member of British Psychology Society
  • Passed with distinction at Bachelors level from Delhi University

About Angela

With extensive expertise in person-centred care, Angela’s primary focus has always been to treat every individual seeking help with respect and dignity. She prioritises their well-being first by extending her reflective and compassionate self.

Angela draws her skills from her sessions with individuals who has diverse needs such as stress, anxiety, highly aggressive challenging behaviour, work-life unbalance at corporate, and dementia. She believes that any behaviour causing significant distress is the result of unmet needs. Angela firmly believes that all behaviour is understandable at some levels, the need is to reframe them by changing attributions. As a therapist, she understands that she has a duty to care. Therefore, she believes in providing a safe space to clients when guiding them to lead a fulfilled life.

Areas of Expertise

Work-life balance





Angela's Qualification

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  • B.A Psychology Hons
    Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi
  • MSc in Clinical Psychology
    Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • What Angela's Clients Say


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    It is hard to find a therapist that is just the right fit for you. Fortunately, Heart It Out has given me exactly that. I feel very comfortable with my therapist. Since I have been visiting her for 3 months now, I have seen an incredible change in the way I used to cope with everyday stress. My habits are healthier and as a result, I feel healthier with each passing day.


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    Every time I revisit my therapist I realise the progress I have made in between the sessions. Thanks to the amazing skills and strategies that my therapist informed me about. I finally feel like I am in control of my life to a certain extent. No more overwhelming anxiety for me, for I have my grounding techniques all prepared.


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    Love how there is zero waiting time at Heart It Out! Easy, hassle-free experience, especially for people like me who hate waiting when you have an appointment. My therapist is extremely patient with my needs and supports me in every way she can. All in all, I will definitely give 5 stars to Heart It Out.

    Angela's Session Offerings

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    Online, Bangalore


    9AM - 8 PM

    Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat