Ananya Mirji

Counselling Psychologist & Wellbeing Therapist

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Ananya is accepting, kind, and open-minded towards everyone. Conversations with her leave you feeling embraced and confident. She could be your loudest cheerleader ans a comforting supporter through and through!

  • Member of the British Psychological Society and awarded NCL+
  • Has supported 3000+ clients in their mental health journey
  • Highly trained in applied behaviour analysis
  • Has organised 100+ mental health awareness events

About Ananya

“One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.”
"Ananya believes in creating an empathetic, accessible, and inclusive space for people seeking support. She has worked extensively with adults with anxiety, depression and relationship concerns both in India and the UK.

She uses her insights to adopt a holistic approach to therapy helping her clients navigate through anxiety, depression, stress, work-life balance, self-esteem, etc., through simple activities and therapeutic techniques.

Ananya aims for inclusive and accessible mental health care. She hopes to impart this enthusiasm for learning, self-reflection, and well-being with her clients. "

Areas of Expertise


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Relationship Concerns

Body Image

Self Esteem

Work Life Balance

Abuse & Trauma

Emotional Regulation

Stress Management

Grief Counselling

Ananya's Qualification

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"M. Phil in Clinical Psychology Osmania University - Hyderabad, India"


"Master's in Clinical Psychology
Newcastle University - United Kingdom"


"Bachelor's in Psychology
Christ University - Bangalore, India"


Honours courses in basic counselling skills, hypnosis and psychoanalytic techniques.

What Ananya's Clients Say

Shreya Rawal

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"My experience with Heart It Out has been really great so far. I've had no issues scheduling appointments with Ananya. She's an amazing, experienced, and non-judgemental therapist. Through conversations and small, meaningful, doable exercises, we have been able to work and talk about a variety of issues. I've definitely seen a huge improvement in my overall mental peace and I definitely feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders every time I have a session. I plan on continuing with therapy with Ananya for the long run to keep my mental health in check."

Sharon David

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"I have been in therapy for over a month with Ananya, and I know she is the perfect person to talk to about my issues. She has helped me in my hardest times and supported me through every step. I am a very compassionate, kind, and patient listener. The thing about her is that she gives you the freedom and space to understand your needs, always prioritising them over anything else. Ananya has offered valuable advice which has helped me through hard times, and I am so glad I chose Ananya as my therapist. Ananya is a very humble person, and I would recommend her to anybody."

Judith D'Souza

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"Due to a lot of financial and transportation concerns, therapy has been mostly inaccessible to me for a while. Furthermore, it's been quite hard to ease up enough to really get to the bottom of the issues. But these sessions with Ananya feel a lot more structured and like a safe space to really get to sound out what I'm thinking. It's been really helpful to have such a non-judgmental, supportive space. I'm looking forward to what the next sessions bring!"

Ananya's Session Offerings

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10:15 AM - 4:15 PM

Flexible Timing


English, Hindi, Kannada