What is the AGENDA of this workshop?

Calling all game enthusiasts! Join us for an epic night of board games, card battles, and more at Heart It Out! Warfare will be waged (with friendly competition), alliances will be formed (and maybe broken in a light-hearted way), and laughter will erupt as we roll the dice on a night of unforgettable fun!

Who can ATTEND this workshop?

Open to all - no limits!


Psychology students,Law students, Sociology students,Engineering students



Social workers

Doctors, Nurses

Police people

It's basically open to the general public!

What will you LEARN at the end of this workshop?

Unleash your champion in friendly competition and fun.

Make new friends (or friendly rivals) over games.

Laugh with your friends and get to know them better.

Relax, unwind, set the stress aside and fill your mind with positivity.

Level up your social life with like-minded people at Heart It Out

Meet your TRAINER

What to EXPECT

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