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Elevate yourself from being an Influencer to making an impact.

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Elevate yourself from being an Influencer to making an impact.

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Our Story
Over the last few years, organisations around the world have been waking up to the impact social media influencers have on the psyche of their followers.

Influencers and content creators pour their hearts and souls into creating a niche brand. While capitalistic gain is one way of using this influence, we at Heart It Out are innovating how influencer voices can be best leveraged for social good.
It is predicted that by 2030, 1 in 3 Indians will struggle with a Mental Health Condition. We are on a mission to make Mental Health care accessible to 1.5 billion people by 2030. It is an impossible dream to do it by ourselves.

You, influencers, are the new-age heroes who can make a difference in the hyper-connected yet global world.

The World Health Organisation defines mental health as “more than the absence of mental disorders or disabilities.” Peak mental health is about achieving optimal well-being and happiness.
As an influencer, your voice can impact people positively. The Luminary project by Heart It Out is a way to reach ten thousand people sitting on the fence and encourage them to take a step toward a better life.
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Why Become A Luminary?

Couple therapy will help identify problem areas and find practical strategies that will enable you to reconnect with your partner honestly and healthily. It will help when;

Why Become A Luminary?

Be regarded as a credible source

Be valued for your Voice

Form a deep, meaningful connection with your followers

Empower your followers, yourself, and your cause

Increase your circle of Influence

Live a life of Purpose

Initiate and encourage conversations that matter

Make Tangible Impact

What You Receive
Creating content requires new ideas, creativity, and authenticity. In short, it takes up time and energy. We at Heart It Out value your efforts and deem it necessary to compensate you financially. Apart from monetary benefits, we show appreciation for your work in Mental Health awareness through gifts, fun, quirky products, exclusive passes to events, interaction with international experts that enrich your well-being.
Your Growth Benefits
Talking about mental health and wellbeing is not just a trend, but essential. As luminaries, you have a powerful influence over the choices of your followers. As a luminary, we coach you to:
Garner recognition for a social cause
Explore the bounds of your creativity and voice
Widen the reach of your content
Form a deeper authentic bond with your followers
Work with award-winning teams and experts
You deserve a life of meaningful impact

How Does It Work?

Here’s how you can get started:

What We Assure

We at Heart It Out are authentic and future-oriented humans who value your time and effort, ensuring a creative and mutually beneficial partnership.
Focus on Results

Take a glimpse of our organisation through numbers.


Collaborations with Influencers

5 Lakh+

Humans Supported


Highly Experienced Therapists


Rating in Therapy Service


We have successfully worked with influencers who, with their passion for mental health, ensured our mutual growth. Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about being a Luminary for Heart It Out? We have answered a few of them below.

You can get an invite here. Our team will assess the quality of your work on social media and reach out to you for onboarding. You will receive a code that you can share with your followers on social media and a customised Dashboard where you can see the extent of your impact.

Yes! Your influence is the hard work you have put into building a brand, followers, and content. For every person you provide access to mental healthcare, we compensate you for the same.

We are empowered by people like you! When your voice has boomed so loudly that you have positively impacted 1000 people, you will be elevated to Brand Ambassador. Along with this will come perks, goodies, sponsorships, exclusive event invites, speaking opportunities, and much more!

The contract begins for a year-long partnership and can be extended for longer based on your interest in the field of Mental Well-Being! We hope you remain a Luminary forever. 😊

Aside from financial compensation, be prepared to receive some cool and trendy gifts that will enhance your well-being. Today, people are all about debunking myths and breaking free of stereotypes. Initiating conversations around mental health boosts your content's reach and helps you form a deep, meaningful connection with your followers. In the process, you may receive recognition for being the face of change and also experience a sense of self-fulfilment.

We at Heart It Out understand your need as an influencer to monitor your growth and online reach. Therefore, we assure you of visibility into leads and conversions and access to tracking your online impact and influence. As a Luminary for Heart It Out, you can always expect to be in the loop about your progress and growth.🙂

When you decide to be part of our initiative, reach out to us to receive an invite to become one of our Luminaries. Next, our team will assess your social media profiles to ensure that your interests and content align with our brand image. Once you meet all our required criteria, you are accepted to become a Luminary for Heart It Out. All set to up your game? Request an invite today!

Heart It Out aims to make mental health accessible 1.5 billion Indians by 2030. When you take to social media to create content about themes like self-love, healthy relationships, mental illness, and more, you will notice an increase in self-awareness and sensitivity in yourself and your followers. Being a Luminary at Heart It Out allows you to be part of a community that stands up for mental health and collective human good.
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