Support Resources for LGBTQ+ Individuals

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Brencia Daphne

June 26,2021

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community is a unique experience for each individual. However, one thing that stands true for everyone is that it helps to have a reliable support system and be surrounded by people with whom one can relate. That being said, here are 20 LBGTQ+ Support resources to look into in Bangalore, throughout India and even online!

Desi Rainbow (Desi LGBTQ | Desi Rainbow)

Desi Rainbow helps promote family acceptance in the ‘Desi’(read: Brown) community and aims to create a space where gender identity, and sexual orientation diversity is celebrated. A resource for queer people, their families, and allies- they help South Asian parents and families learn about gender identity and sexual orientation, and talk about family relationships so they can learn how to better support their children.

Nazariya (Nazariya | A Queer Feminist Resource Group )

Nazariya is a queer feminist resource and support group working towards affirming the rights of queer women and trans people. They launched their helpline in 2015 which is operated, Monday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm. Furthermore, they provide counselling and help people overcome and counter stigma and violence.

The Bi-Collective ( Bi Collective Delhi - Home )

The Bi-Collective is a community for bisexual, bi-curious, pansexual and panromantic people in Delhi. They aim to create a safe space for the people of the community and provide support and resources through events, podcasts, workshops and more!

Naz Foundation ( Naz Foundation )

Naz Foundation’s LGBTQIA+ initiative advocates for a better understanding and inclusion of the community and provides medical services, as well as face-to-face and telephonic counselling. Their helpline can be accessed for support on coming out, understanding sexuality, relationship issues, safe sex practices, testing for HIV and fighting discrimination. They also offer to counsel families of LGBTQ+ people.

Naz was also the NGO to file the petition challenging the constitutionality of section 377, which criminalised gay sex.

The Humsafar Trust ( Humsafar Trust – Where your identity is a reason for pride and not a reason to hide )

The Humsafar Trust is an organisation founded to reach out to LGBTQ+ communities, and has been working towards the health and human rights of the community. They collaborate with hospitals and clinics and organise workshops for legislators, politicians, and media to sensitise them on LGBTQ+ issues. Furthermore, they also have support groups such as YAARIYAN for young LGBTQ people, UMANG for LBT people and SANJEEVANI for people living with HIV.

Queer Ink (Queer Ink: Changing the popular narrative of LGBTHQIA+ India)

Queer Ink is a queer-owned media company that aims to change the popular narrative of LGBTQ+ people by publishing queer stories in both print and digital media, in multiple languages. They also hope to provide readers around the world an access to a growing body of queer Indian literature through their publication.

Pinkmantaray Connections Network ( Pinkmantaray Connections Network | schuylerbailar )

The Pinkmantaray Connections Network allows you to connect with other LGBT+ individuals- primarily, trans folks. Individuals can join various events, video chats and support groups over Zoom, both for 18+ members of the community as well as teenagers aged (13-19). In addition, the “resources'' tab on their website includes a helpful reading list, covering topics such as changing legal documents, top surgery, hormones, workout regimen, diet, etc.

Gaysi Family ( Gaysi - The Gay Desi )

The Gaysi Family is an online safe space for LGBTQ+. Its blog publications include personal queer stories, book reviews, poetry, and experiences being ‘queer’ and ‘desi’. They also host offline events such as film screenings, book readings, open mic events, etc in Mumbai. The Gaysi Zine, their self-published magazine, aims to normalise LGBT+ by relaying powerful stories.

LGBTQ by Mist ( Mist – 10 years of Uniting Diversity )

Mist is an online community that celebrates being queer and organises film and art festivals, video chats, meet-ups, etc. Their online presence- including their website and social media- contains various resources, posts, queer stories, newsletters, and blogs. Additionally, they operate an online pride merch store called QueerBazaar to provide easily accessible and affordable merchandise!

Yaariyan ( Yaariyan – Humsafar Trust )

Yariyaan is an initiative by Humsafar Trust. It is an LGBTQ +youth initiative, which operates through an online forum providing online resources and support, and organizing offline events including movie screenings, awareness talks, and discussions on LGBTQ+ issues in Mumbai. Thus providing young queer individuals with a platform to speak from. It also works to provide LGBTQ+ youth with access to reliable health and social support.

Queerala ( Queerala.org )

An organisation that was formed by the people of Kerala to support the queer community, Queerala is a support group that offers to help those who support the cause and also do as much as they can to make a difference. With active participation, discussions that take on strong and important topics of exploring and accepting one’s sexual identity, this group is really making a mark in being the kind of a backbone we need to further the cause of the LGBTQ+ people.

Sahaas ( SAAHAS )

Psychiatric conducts SAAHAS, a free therapy group for individuals who identify as being on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. They use techniques of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy combined with an LGBTQIA+ affirmative therapy approach.

Sampoorna ( Sampoorna* – a network of trans and intersex Indians around the globe )

Sampoorna is a dedicated group for trans and intersex Indians, led by trans & intersex Indians across the globe. A group that aims to fight for social justice by creating a network of people and highlighting trans and intersex issues.

Harmless hugs ( Harmless Hugs: Home )

A platform that aims to empower the community and hosts get-togethers and workshops. They can also facilitate access to medical or legal services in cases of emergency.

Online Communities

Online communities are a great way to express yourself and socialise with others. Facebook groups such as Qgraphy (https://www.facebook.com/qgraphygroup/), QTravelers ( https://www.facebook.com/QueerTravelersinIndia/ ), Quitchen ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1691110511141192/ ) ,and Amour Queer Dating ( https://www.facebook.com/amourqueerdating/ ) can aid you to find a safe space with people who share your interests.

Sappho for Equality ( https://www.sapphokolkata.in/ )

Sappho for Equality is an organisation that works towards normalising LGBTQ+ and helping AFAB (assigned female/male at birth) members of the community to achieve an equal status in society. In addition, they organise film festivals, empowerment workshops and talks to create awareness about related LGBTQ+ issues. They also offer counselling facilities and helpline services.


MentallyLGBTQ dedicate themselves to providing members of the LGBTQ+ community with easily accessible and affordable pride merch. With various apparel, stickers and other items that they have in store, one finds various different ways to express their pride and identity. They can also be found on Instagram at @mentallylgbtq.

Good as You ( http://goodasyoublr.blogspot.com/?m=1 )

Good as You is an LGBTQ+ support group and is one of the oldest organisations advocating for LGBTQ+ rights in Bangalore! Their blog has various useful resources for members of the LGBTQ+ community, including locations for socialisation, mental health resources, HIV related resources, resources for trans people, resources for allies and families, and much more.

Sangama ( http://sangama.org/ )

Sangama is an organisation aiming to normalise and raise awareness around sexuality, sexual preference and gender identity. They have launched various campaigns aiming to achieve equal rights for various sexual minorities including members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Instagram Pages

Instagram pages are a great source of entertainment and information. From informative posts to validating memes, it can be so helpful to have something to relate to! Here are some amazing pages to check out: @rainbow.room.official, @mentallylgbtq, @theworldofthegay, @sagalgbtsupport, and @lgbt_milita.

We hope that these resources will help you- whether you need medical assistance, counselling, or a place to interact with people.

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