What To Expect In Your First Therapy Session

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Brencia Daphne

April 29,2021

A pprehensions about your first therapy session can sometimes be overwhelming. Being prepared with what to expect will make it easier to step into the session and get help.

What will happen in my first therapy session?

Seeking therapy may sometimes be challenging and you may have a bunch of questions racing in your mind. One such question that most people have is: What will happen in my first session or what to expect from my first therapy session?

In your first session, your therapist will ask about you and your life and is usually an ice-breaking session where you and your therapist will get to know each other before proceeding. Your therapist may take this time to get to know you and discuss boundaries and goals. Therapy involves building a rapport between you and your therapist (often referred to as “therapeutic relationship”). The therapeutic relationship is based on trust and respect, so you should take this time to reflect on how you feel in your therapist’s presence and get comfortable. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have regarding therapy. Here are a couple of questions that your therapist may ask you:

  • What brought you therapy? Your therapist needs to understand your reasons for seeking help, whatever they might be. This can help them find areas to focus your sessions on.
  • Tell me about yourself Therapists will try to use your first session to find out about your background and current lifestyle. This can help plan sessions and understand your needs better.
  • What do you wish to gain from therapy? If you’ve decided to seek therapy, it is important to know what you hope will change through therapy. This allows for goal-setting so that a therapist can gear sessions in a particular direction and help you achieve your therapeutic goals.

You are allowed to feel however you want to about things/people in your life. Whatever you want to talk about, your therapist is there to lend a helping hand and actively help you process your thoughts and emotions. Therapy is a team effort and you play a big role in achieving your goals.

Please remember, that therapy isn’t a quick fix but a journey. Much like strengthening your body through exercise, strengthening your mind through therapy requires commitment and persistence. Your therapist’s top priority is to support you, be it in exploring concerns, examining options or helping you find coping strategies that work best for you.

And Now, A Word From Our Therapists!

We are nice and chill human beings (read as: regular people), without prejudice or judgements, and with the training and experience to help you get through and cope with some of life’s struggles and increase your well-being.

Come in with an open mind, we look forward to taking care of you! ?

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