Online or Offline Therapy: Which One do I Choose?

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Brencia Daphne

June 8,2020

Seeking therapy is not just for times when one is feeling low, or when you feel there is something bothering you psychologically. Going for therapy can offer you a fresh perspective on difficult decisions, or even help you understand yourself better.

The traditional way of therapy involves interactions with a professional, whom we would meet personally. This includes booking sessions and traveling to a physically accessible location. These sessions would happen in a room, and meetings are fixed according to schedules. This is what is known as offline therapy.

Online therapy, on the other hand, can happen from wherever you are- the couch or the park. As the name suggests, this therapy happens on a virtual platform, via messages, calls, or video meetings. All one needs to ensure for such a session, is to have good network connectivity.

Read on to know some helpful guidelines that could help you choose between online and offline therapy.

Therapy is affordable for all:

We often hear that therapy can be expensive. But if you are a student or unemployed, therapists usually offer discounts for sessions. This is possible for both online and offline therapy. More so, there are several online counseling websites that even offer a certain number of therapy sessions at a fixed amount. If you feel satisfied with the sessions and want to continue, you can always renew your subscription.

Talk to a therapist, at your convenience:

Being stuck with deadlines can get stressful. Especially if you have your own personal problems going on. Therapy has made it possible for each and every one of us to heal from whatever may be bothering us. You can talk to a therapist online, no matter the time or place. This can be helpful for students overwhelmed with exams too. And if you feel you need to spend more time at a session, you can go for offline therapy to let your thoughts flow out.

Therapy exercises and your comfort:

Therapy for any mental illness usually involves exercises and assignments that help in the healing process. Online therapy includes phone calls, video meets, and messages. This makes it easier to share progress and discuss them with your therapist. Most of you might be fine with this. But for some who prefer personal interaction, can always opt for offline therapy. Seeking therapy and going through its process is all a matter of where and how you feel more comfortable.

Privacy and confidentiality:

Different people have different thoughts to share with a therapist. And the reassurance of confidentiality is what makes therapy more effective. When going for offline therapy, your therapist lets you know that it is a safe space. Anything you share would stay within the walls of the room. Even online therapy follows ethical guidelines and regulations regarding client and counselor confidentiality. Being able to entrust somebody with your thoughts is important for mental health wellbeing.

Therapy, for you and your loved ones:

Therapy is for everybody. Many wish to go for family therapy and work on the differences in family dynamics. Couples opt for couple therapy to learn about new ways of strengthening their relationship. This is possible via both online and offline therapy. When everyone is in the same place, going for offline therapy seems to be the best option. But if there are differences in schedules, online therapy has made it possible for you and your loved ones to have your session from where you are. You can even meet your therapist online when traveling. All this is possible with just the click of a button.

Accessibility for people with limitations:

Going for therapy is important. We can go for offline therapy without much hesitation. Even online therapy is accessible when it comes down to busy schedules. However, online therapy is definitely a more convenient option when it comes to physical limitations. Even people with social anxiety would prefer to communicate from behind their digital screens for the introductory few sessions. This way, you or your loved one can still have access to better mental health.

Therapy in itself is a sensitive topic for few. Being able to understand the variance in therapy platforms can help one take the next step towards better mental health. Choosing between online and offline therapy depends completely on the individual. And it is okay to try out different methods, and therapists till you find what suits your requirements.

We at Heart It Out offer our services both offline and online, and your mental health is our priority.

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