Anxiety Disorder

The Best Treatments To Help Overcome Anxiety

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Brencia Daphne

April 22,2021

Who isn’t familiar with nervous jitters before a presentation or the nerve-wrecking anticipation before exam results? But what happens when this anxiety goes beyond being a reaction to a default setting? Individuals who suffer from anxiety often report a sense of restlessness that accompanies them in everything they do. Day-to-day concerns such as “what do I wear” or “I need to book a ride” can course a sea of nervous thoughts through one’s head, causing a lot of stress. If you, like the 300 million others, relate with that little narrative, here are some ways you can cope and, with time, overcome anxiety.

Seeing the people we love suffer from anxiety can make us feel powerless. We want to reassure them that things are alright, that there is nothing to worry about – but that isn’t enough, is it? Helping someone suffering from a Mental Illness can be intimidating and tiring at times, Here are a few ways you can be there for your loved ones through their Mental Health journey.

Lifestyle changes

The first step towards managing one’s anxiety is acknowledging its presence in your life. Understanding the signs of anxiety plays a key role in this. Do you get sweaty palms when you get anxious or start pacing around? Do you find it harder to sleep or develop headaches? Understanding what reaction you display towards anxiety can help you know when to stop and ask for help.

Once you have understood the signs, you need to pin down the triggers. Is there something that makes you anxious? Stress at work? An upcoming social event? Consuming alcohol or caffeine? Once you can pinpoint what is causing it, you can make attempts towards cutting it down.

A lot of people also find it helpful when they engage in mindfulness. This can range from practicing meditation and yoga, engaging in aromatherapy, or picking up relaxing hobbies such as painting, writing, or gardening.

Reach out to family and friends or volunteer in social groups. Not only will this help you find the right emotional support, but it would also help you develop a more grounded sense of self.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT is a field of psychotherapy based on understanding human thought and behaviour patterns and altering them in order to promote better mental health. Psychotherapists address the issues underlying the feeling of anxiety and work towards changing the way individuals perceive them.


In therapy, if your psychiatrist deems it fit, you could be prescribed anxiety medication that will help reduce the intensity or occurrence of your symptoms. Some of the medications that are prescribed to individuals suffering from anxiety include antidepressants, benzodiazepines, tricyclics, beta-blockers, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), and buspirone. However, since psychotherapy aims at building self-reliance, it is recommended that you try altering your lifestyle and engaging in psychotherapy before opting to medicate.

Help at Heart It Out

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