Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Diagnostics: The First Step In Long-term Care

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Brencia Daphne

2nd November 2022

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

—Walter Anderson

Understanding Anxiety

We all have clams of nervousness before an exam or an interview. But what happens when these feelings negatively impact your performance and daily functioning?

Anxiety is our body’s natural response to stressful situations. Think of it like an alarm that goes off in your head when you are about to face a challenge. While it is normal, healthy even, to experience some amount of stress, it can get out of hand when there is no particular “danger” or “threat” in your presence.

In 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated that around 36 million Indians live with some form of anxiety disorder. And so, if you have been experiencing feelings of intense worry, fatigue, and fear about the future, know that you are not alone. Anxiety has a way of making you feel stuck inside your head. That’s why Heart It Out aims to help you tackle symptoms right from the root! We call this the anxiety diagnostic assessment. It is not a test with right or wrong answers; it is just an expertly designed tool that helps you narrow down your symptoms to see if you need mental health care or not. It’s pretty simple, but it goes a long way in your recovery!

How Diagnostics Work

The first step towards self-care is to analyse your wellbeing and become self-aware.

Self-awareness can do wonders for your mental health! When you understand how your mind works, what your symptoms mean and why you feel the way you do, it encourages you to take action to improve your mind. Heart It Out offers a free online diagnostic test for anxiety. It is a scientifically-backed assessment tool that provides insight into your well-being. You don’t have to step out to a clinic or contact a professional right from the get-go. Instead, you can determine the results for yourself first before you get professional help! And of course, from the comfort of your home, you can take the first step towards self-awareness.

What makes our diagnostics stand out is the quick and reliable results. After taking the online assessment, many people report becoming more self-aware and have taken a step further in their well-being journey by seeking therapy. Therefore, roll up your sleeves because it’s time to work on yourself!

What Diagnostics Can Help You With

Self-awareness is the starting point to overcoming anxiety. Our tests are designed to pique your curiosity about yourself and encourage you to take charge of your well-being.

To take this anxiety test, you need not have experienced intense levels of worry and stress. Anyone curious about their mental well-being and wishing to improve the quality of their life by understanding themselves is welcome to take the test.

Our diagnostic test lets you reflect on your experiences, emotions, and behaviours. As anxiety can have adverse effects on our lives, every moment spent tackling symptoms can add to your mental peace. It all starts with becoming aware of your situation, symptoms, and how they influence your life. Gaining control of your anxiety is a challenge, but our experts here at Heart It Out are here to support you every step of the way.💛

Help at Heart It Out

Remember that the diagnostic test for anxiety is simply for your awareness. It is not in any way an official diagnosis. This online test can be followed up with a meeting with our licenced therapists, who have the training and skills to diagnose and support you. However, to break free from the shackles of anxiety, you must first have the willpower to tackle the root of the problem. And you're not alone in this; you've got us, your dependable mental health advocate.

The first step you take for your well-being will be one you’ll never regret. We understand that reflecting on your actions and thoughts can feel overwhelming, which is why we encourage you to take one step at a time. Let today be the day you sit behind the wheel and take charge of your life. Take an anxiety diagnostic test here!

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