Hey Human!

As social beings, we thrive on connecting with our family, friends, strangers and loved ones. How we form relationships is influenced by our past experiences as children, and it affects the way we see ourselves and others. This test can help you find the attachment style that determines how you create and maintain relationships.

Strengthen Your Mind

Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

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    To be on my own after being around people is

    Tough for me, can't handle being alone

    Good with me, I enjoy my own company

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    My close people

    Would tell you that I can't keep secrets

    Trust me with their secrets

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    In close relationships, I believe there is

    Nothing private and confidential

    Some amount of individual privacy

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    When starting a task, I

    Worry about things going wrong

    Am confident in my ability to accomplish it

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    When someone close to me spends time with their friends, I

    Tend to worry and feel left out

    Respect their space and am okay with it

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    When I need to discuss about what bothers me with someone, I am

    Unable to confront them

    Able to express my needs well


Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

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    When something goes wrong in my relationships

    I look for ways to make it better and talk to the other person

    I apologise or accommodate to make things better

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    Sometimes, saying 'No' to people

    Comes naturally to me and I don't feel bad about it

    It's difficult for me, because I'll lose them

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    When I'm without others' company

    I spend time with myself and my hobbies

    I feel stressed, abandoned, hurt, or lonely.

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    When I have a fight with someone close to me, I

    Try to solve by talking it through together

    Constantly worry that they will leave me

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    When my close friends don't reply for some time, I

    Assume they're busy and would get back to me

    Fear that they don't want to talk to me

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    When a loved one gets close to another person, I

    Know they still care about me

    Get anxious that they will get closer to them


Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

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    When the situation is very difficult,

    I don't shy away from asking for help

    I usually push through it on my own

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    When I find someone that I like spending time with, I

    Try to bond with them and take initiative

    Worry about being hurt if I get too close

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    I feel

    It's important to ask for help sometimes

    Self-sufficient and superior in not needing others

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    I enjoy relationships with

    Other human beings

    Things and animals over people

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    When I find myself getting close to someone or caring for them, I

    Welcome intimacy

    Fear intimacy and take a step back

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    When I face a roadblock in my relationships, I try to

    Resolve it with the other person

    Move on, so it will solve with time

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    If I feel like a close one is losing interest, I tend to

    Respect their boundaries

    Ghost them before they do


Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

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    In relationships,

    I like to be close to people

    I want closeness but am also afraid of the one I want to be close with

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    In my relationships, I expect that

    Things will be good

    Everything will go wrong eventually

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    When I grow fond of someone, I tend to

    Take things slow and get to know them

    Fluctuate between getting very involved and being distant

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    When my friend starts asking me about some personal details, I usually

    Share with them, there's nothing to hide

    Change the topic to something else

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    When I look at others in happy & healthy relationships, I

    Feel happy for them

    Wonder if I could have that/ when they are going to break up

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    When someone gets angry with me, I tend to

    Look at the situation from both sides

    Get angrier and upset

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    When someone shares personal worries with me, I tend to

    Feel happy that they confided in me

    Worry about them getting too close/wonder why they are sharing it with me