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Divya Bhatia

Divya is keen on making people smile. She brightens their gloomy days with her unique humour and welcoming energy. She supports every human being she comes across with good cheer and warmth. She believes in nourishing everyone, making them a better version of themselves, while equipping them to approach the future with strength and potential.

Divya helps her clients develop better awareness of their surroundings and gives them the strength to deal with present-day problems. She supports them in breaking out of toxic thought patterns and emotions. She also aids her clients to work on their emotional regulation, self-esteem issues, stress and anxiety.


5000+ Therapy Hours


Master's in Clinical Psychology
CMR University, Bangalore, India

Bachelor's in Psychology & Economics
Mount Carmel College , Bangalore India


English, Hindi, Urdu


Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Trauma & Grief, Relationship Concerns, Family Challenges


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