The Welcome Wagon

The Welcome Wagon


TLDR: The Welcome Wagon is an initiative designed for you to explore the city of Bangalore, its history, language and thriving cosmopolitan lifestyle, and to build meaningful friendships with each other and the city.

Bangalore is one of the most beautiful and lively cities in the country. Be it the natural beauty of the breathtaking skies or the indulgent pubs and breweries, or just the local architecture and graceful history – the city has a special place in the hearts of all who live here. 

However, for someone new to the city, it can be a confusing experience. Leaving the familiarity of home and family behind and adjusting to a new city and its culture is challenging enough. Add to that, a new language, the lack of proper information and meaningful friendships, and the picture only gets more confusing and lonely.

The Welcome Wagon aims to help people fit into the city with ease. With a team of local experts we curate experiences around Bangalore that can help newbies understand how the city runs, how its people like their kaapi and everything that makes it, Bangalore.

Through the initiative, Heart It Out aims to draw more attention to Urban Mental Health and provide effective community support to help young migrants lead healthy lives while adjusting to life in a new city.

Each month we arrange for a city tour, ranging from a Foodies’ Day Out to a Shoppers’ Treasure Hunt to a Day Of Relics at Bangalore’s famous historical structures. Through these events, we hope to bring people from various walks of life together and build a community that makes everyone feel right at home. Members can also join our whatsapp group that will help them get recommendations for day-to-day needs, language tools, and other reliable community support tools.

If you are new to Bangalore, or have been here for a while and still wondering how and where, look no further. Join us to learn some Kannada, eat local delicacies, make new friends and have fun! 

March 2020 Edition!

Welcome Wagon on Bangalore Auto

The second edition of the Welcome Wagon begins at the heart of old Bengaluru in Basavanagudi. Join us to discover Bangalore’s stories, iconic food places, art performances, and history all in a half-day fun filled adventure!

Experience Bangalore through the eyes of a Bangalorean! 

Date: Sunday, March 1st

Time: 7:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Starting Point: Vidyarthi Bhavan

Ticket: INR 999

*Terms and Conditions: Be cool, have fun!

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We are looking to create an effective community space for migrants in Bangalore with Welcome Wagon. We aim to offer support in terms of local resources and information, as well as fun activities to interact with the city – and we’d love to know your favourites.

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