Let's Jam!

We often casually neglect self-care, but it is an essential factor that maintains the healthy relationship between you and yourself. Self-care is vital to restore one’s own resources. Music does wonders to both our mind and body. But what many of us often tend to ignore is the fact that music is effective for self-care. For example, studies have found how much music helps in stress reduction both physiologically and psychologically. Music can boost one’s Dopamine levels and immediately enhance one’s mood at the end of an overwhelming day; having a little game of music might be a great reliever of stress. If you are someone who loves music, maybe this game night is for you. Join us in our interactive Together Time to have a fun and relaxing time together with lots of music.
16th June 2021
6PM to 7PM


Rs. 00

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Peoples’ Experiences

  • Gaurav
    Going through a mental health challenge can make you feel isolated and afraid, among many other things. I remember feeling this way when I was in a difficult place, and that's when I signed up for a buddy circle at HiO. Although I was scared at first, that changed to relief and a sense of hope. The buddy circle reminded me that I'm not completely alone in my journey; help and company is always an arm's reach away :')
  • Nandini
    Buddy Circle serves exactly what it promises! I remember being a little nervous about my first session, but as you see people open up one by one and you relate with other's struggles, it feels like you're a part of a community, and you can really understand each other. What I liked about the buddy circle was that it always provides us with a learning strategy, something to take back and implement in your everyday life.
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