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Indian Marie Kondo. Reach out to her for anything related to dark humour, existentialism and aesthetic looking things.

"Life is feeling really messy and stressful. You are under no obligation to try to transform it into some great piece of art."

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About Kajol

Kajol has been a practising therapist for 3.5 years. As a certified trauma-focused therapist, she uses an integrative approach to help clients deal with various mental health concerns like trauma, work-life balance, stress, depression, anxiety(OCD, GAD), relationship concerns, self-growth (personal development) and existentialism. A queer-affirmative therapist, she also works with personality disorders like OCPD, BPD and NPD using DBT and CAT.

Areas of Expertise



Mood disorders/Emotion regulation

Personality disorders

Relationships(concerns and enhancement)

Work-life balance


Body image and eating disorders

Personal growth(self-image, esteem, worth)


Postpartum depression

Burnout, compassion fatigue

Social Anxiety


Kajol's Qualification

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  • PMasters in Counseling Psychology
  • Certified REBT therapis
    Mukta Foundation(Affiliated to Albert Ellis Institute, New York)
  • Certified Trauma Therapist
    HNI Institute and TISS
  • What Kajol's Clients Say


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    Every day, even after logging out from work, I would find myself stressing about work-related issues. So much so that I barely had the energy to have time for myself, my family or my friends. My sessions with my therapist provided me with the tools I needed. My therapist at Heart It Out, would see the blocks and always encourage me to push them out of the way; helping me set healthy work-life boundaries. Thank you for helping me overcome my challenges.


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    My first session with the Heart It Out therapist was life-changing. Suddenly, I had a different point of view towards life, and how I should be dealing with it. Instantly, I knew this was the guidance I needed. My therapist helped me focus on myself and my strengths. Thanks to her, I feel better every day in terms of confidence and self-worth. She gets a 1000 thumbs up from my side!


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    I was feeling low due to anxiety issues and not being able to cope with them. My therapist was really patient with me and gave me the required time to tell her how I was really feeling. She helped me understand the triggers and gave me easy to follow techniques to cope with daily anxiety. I feel so much stronger with each session. Definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from anxiety issues like me.

    Kajol's Session Offerings

    Mode of Therapy


    In-person, Bangalore


    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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