Atmica Reddy

Dance Movement Psychotherapist at Heart It Out

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Atmica is a mental health professional who works at Heart It Out. She loves doing everything and learning how to be. She fully embraces exploring the mind and body connection in everything she does on and off the therapist's couch. A wholesome, and creative human being indeed!

"SIn the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. Albert Camus "

  • Shadowed an NHS psychiatrist and offered art therapy based interventions to psychiatric populations in Derby, UK.
  • Offered support for emotional distress among dementia patients during the pandemic.

About Atmica

Atmica uses a combination of conventional psychological theories and creative tools such as visual art, music and movement to facilitate the therapeutic process. With a person-centred approach to her counselling, she supports her clients with their emotional, psychological and relational challenges.

Her primary objective is to promote the holistic development of clients through uniquely constructed verbal/non-verbal interventions, informed by theories of the mind-body interrelationship. She specialises in the treatment and management of anxiety, depression, body image, anger, trauma, and abuse.

She has ample experience working with children, adolescents and adults across various health, education and social care setups both in India and in the UK. As a human living life to the fullest, she represents the characteristics of a diligent and hardworking nerd. Atmica’s main focus in life caters towards personal growth and is fully immersed in achieving her goals to one day be the best that she can be.

Areas of Expertise

Trauma and abuse



Anger management

Body image

Managing Chronic Illness

Atmica's Qualification

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  • MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
    University of Derby, UK.
  • What Atmica's Clients Say

    Mayur Gourav

    star star star star star
    I am deeply grateful to my therapist for the support she has provided me all these months. Thanks to the soulful sessions, I could get to the root of my problem and the incident that triggered most of my issues. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who struggles with mental health well-being. I can assure you, you will get the help you need.


    star star star star star
    I was very sceptical about coming to therapy. My first session was a gift from a friend who really thought I could use the support and help of a professional. And he was right. On contrary to my misgivings, I really enjoyed my sessions with my therapist. I was surprised by how simple the solutions were to my complex problems. Definitely recommend!

    Raza Nadeem

    star star star star star
    I reached out to the therapist at Heart It Out in the most vulnerable phase of my life. At first, I was nervous about talking, but my therapist was really compassionate and helped me in every sense to express my feelings and insecurities. Each therapy session brought optimism and a sense of confidence in my life. I am truly thankful for the efforts she has devoted to my well-being.

    Atmica's Session Offerings

    Mode of Therapy


    In-person, Bangalore


    11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    Mondays and Wednesdays