Social Anxiety Disorder: What is Social Anxiety? What are its causes and symptoms?

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Social Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental illnesses and is observed in many forms and intensities. Understanding its nature, causes and symptoms can help you gain an upper hand in your battle.
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Social connections and interactions are super-important in the times we live and are an integral part of human life. But for some people, socializing or even the thought of it can bring about a great deal of stress and fear. It is normal to feel a certain amount of anxiety in situations such as giving a speech or going on a date but when everyday conversations cause distress, it is called Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Social anxiety disorder can be described as an intense emotional discomfort someone faces on a regular basis when they face social situations. It is persistent and can affect a person’s relationships at the workplace, home, and even school.

Situations that trigger social anxiety

There are some common situations that trigger a person’s social anxiety. Some of these are:

Performances: Public speaking, competitions, and sporting competitions can trigger people’s anxiety as they feel they are incompetent or will ‘mess up’ during their stage time.

Parties: When people with social anxiety disorder are at social gatherings with a space full of strangers, it can get very challenging for them to interact with people and feel safe.

Reading aloud: Whether it is in a classroom, at a public speech, or at a small reading group, reading in front of people can cause stress to people as they constantly worry about reading the wrong thing, mispronouncing, and stuttering.

Dating: Especially for young people, meeting other people of the opposite sex, interacting with them, and building a deeper connection can be hard as different aspects of dating require socialization. Frequent phone calls, dates, and meeting members of the partner’s family can all be events that trigger one’s social anxiety.


Social anxiety disorder is often seen to start during the teenage years but the exact cause is unknown. A combination of environmental, biological, and genetic factors is thought to be the reason for it. Individuals whose parents have a social anxiety disorder are likely to develop social anxiety disorders. Also, a previous history of abuse, family conflict, or bullying, chemical imbalance in vital areas of the brain, and some environmental reasons could contribute to social anxiety disorder


People with social anxiety disorder often explain that they feel overwhelmed, fearful, and out of control in situations where their social anxiety is triggered. But, some of the physiological symptoms are similar to generalized anxiety disorder; these symptoms are increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, shaking, and slurred speech. Similarly, their normal psychological functioning is also interrupted and they feel ashamed, go through self-judgment, feelings of inferiority, and worry about saying something due to the fear of being judged.

Help at Heart It Out

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Coping with social anxiety is a challenging task, no doubt, but with the right support, it can be overcome.

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