Dr. Madhupreetha S
Chief Psychiatrist, Heart It Out
Depression, Sleep Disorders, OCD and Personality Disorders, Anxiety, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Drug Abuse, Psychosis, and Mania.
Clients Supported
5000+ Recovered Clients
Best Psychotherapist Award
(Department of Psychiatry at NIMHANS).
M.D. from the National Institute Of Mental Health and Neurosciences. (NIMHANS)
M.B.B.S, Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMC&RI)
English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu
Consultation DURATION
1 Hour Online Session
Consultation Fee
Rs. 1999
Rs. 1499
About Dr. Madhupreetha
Dr. Madhupreetha has helped over 5000+ clients across different age groups and supported them in their mental health journey. She has worked at the most prestigious mental health organisation in India, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) and comes highly recommended by her clients and supervisors as one of the leading psychiatrists to get care from. She was awarded the best outgoing student for her excellent track record in providing services and care to people with mental illness. She is also the recipient of the Best Psychotherapist Award from the Department of Psychiatry at NIMHANS.

Dr. Madhupreetha is trained in adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, de-addiction medicine, geriatric psychiatry, perinatal psychiatry, and rehabilitation. Her professional motto is to provide support to her clients with absolute care and kindness. As a professional she practices client-centred cognitive and behavioural techniques and uses a psychodynamic approach.

She believes that mental health is as necessary to live as physical health and promotes and propagates better mental health care and wellbeing. Her message as a doctor is “seeking help is the best medicine for mental health”.
  • Dr. Madhupreetha is an exceptionally well trained and compassionate psychiatrist. She has been a blessing to my mental health. She listened to me without judgement and I could be totally honest with my fears and challenges. My sessions with her at Heart It Out have been transformative and deeply healing. I absolutely love the approach she takes and it has really helped me heal.
    Saumya Mishra
  • My experience with Dr. Madhupreetha and Heart It Out was healing, pleasant and comforting. She has been wonderful in helping me slingshot through the hiccups of life in a new city. She was really friendly and non-judgmental and needless to say, a fantastic listener. She helped me see the aspects of things I never thought of. Thank you for being there for me and providing all the care!
    Syed Nazeer
  • Dr. Madhupreetha has made me feel comfortable, and being this vulnerable wasn't easy before. I'm so grateful to her for being a knowledgeable psychiatrist, and respecting my boundaries. I love how she nudges me into the right direction, and makes me feel as if I've always known her. Dr. Madhupreetha and Heart it Out has genuinely helped me reinvent myself, and also love myself in the process.
    Dinesh Mathur