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Heart It Out, is a mental health and wellbeing company, based out of Bangalore. We are focused on creating authentic spaces for exploring oneself. We offer products and services that aid in self-exploration, self-expression and self-discovery in order to build clarity and contentment. Our motto is to equip you to face the ‘inner monsters' that hold you back.
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Heart It Out began humbly as a ‘Room on the Roof’ in a quaint neighbourhood, providing a safe space for people to talk their hearts out. Today, it is a tech platform poised to provide confidential and non-judgemental access to mental healthcare, to 1.5 billion people by 2030.

Arising from the grim reality of mental health care and its inaccessibility in India, our vision to build a solution-driven initiative has gradually materialised and strengthened into a holistic, technology-driven platform for global impact. We have learnt more than we thought we could, failed more often than we were willing to, and pushed through obstacles. Our work evolvolves constantly, drawing inspiration from organisations and entrepreneurs that are passionate and committed to the grassroots, where change begins.

When we embarked on the journey to provide psychotherapy in 2018, to people experiencing mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, we soon realised that psychotherapy is too narrow to reach out to those who need more than therapy and medical treatment. Compelled to innovate, we have, since then, created a range of services, rooted in South Asian cultures and informed by socio-political reality.
Mental health care is a basic necessity and a fundamental right for every human being. We aim to make mental healthcare accessible to 1.5 billion people by 2030 through innovation and disruption of the current healthcare system.
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Buddy Circle Community
Brief Relief - a mental health helpline
We believe that mental health care is essential, and not a luxury.

At Heart It Out, we take pride in providing employment opportunities to individuals with mental health conditions, allowing them a life of independence and dignity, and recognising them as valuable contributors to the economy. We are an employee-first organisation and diversity-inclusive.

The journey towards ‘Universal Mental Health’ cannot be taken alone, by ourselves. We cannot work in silos and aim to build a holistic system of care for an individual. We stand united with every mental health institute and individual working towards psycho-education and the elimination of the stigma associated with mental health. We keenly look forward to collaborating and partnering with corporate organizations, nonprofits and brands that carry the same thoughtfulness towards creating a healthy environment for their employees as we do. We also conduct curated workshops and tailor-made events and seminars to suit each organization and its unique challenges in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

With open arms and inviting hearts, we welcome the community we live in, to a lifestyle of conscious change and radical acceptance. Heart It Out is a “Make in India” venture that works on twelve of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.
We are a team of qualified and experienced mental health professionals that specializes in providing care and support for mental health and well-being concerns. We will provide therapy, assist and sincerely support you in your mental health journey. But it is only a part of what we do - we also curate workshops and build products and try our absolute best every day, to destigmatize mental health, and bring warmth and love to our world.
We believe that mental health care is a basic necessity for every single human being. Heart It Out works towards making mental health accessible to 1.5 billion people across India. We strive to incorporate mental health as an important aspect of everyday life, simply because we believe every aspect of life is interconnected! The more awareness we bring, the healthier we become; mentally, emotionally and physically.

We place love, compassion and empathy at the top of our list. We believe in extending unconditional care, in all walks of life, from our homes to our workplaces.
We value and appreciate diversity of thought and existence. Come as you are, invest in yourself and each other and we will embrace you for who you are.
We revel in creativity, knowledge and are hungry to learn from everyone about everything.
Nithya J Rao
Taha Zaidi
Nithya J Rao is a practicing psychologist and driven entrepreneur. She’s a dynamic individual who has been working with people struggling with grief, loss, trauma and resilience. As the co-founder at Heart It Out, (a mental health and wellbeing start-up that has impacted over 20000 lives), she wishes to bridge the gap between theory and practice of psychology.

As a trauma informed rehabilitation psychologist, she has spent tens of thousands of hours working with young adults and entrepreneurs in therapy. Her work is influenced by Indian philosophy, business coaching, entrepreneurship, and religious study.

Her work doesn’t stop at therapy, rather, she finds herself immersed in other artistic ventures. She is one of the creators of “Lahe Lahe'', a performing arts and expression space in Bangalore, and is deeply passionate about the arts and culture.
“I am always on the lookout for opportunities to build authentic, inclusive communities.”

Aiming at bringing real-life stories and lived experiences to the stage, she brought Katharsis Productions to life. She feels that her participation as an actor, designer and director, brings diversity, flair and a compassionate touch to her therapy.

Recognised by India Today as one of India's Top 25 entrepreneurs to look out for, Nithya graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre, Literature & Psychology from Christ University and a Master’s degree in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Counseling from the Richmond Fellowship Society.

“By 2040, I'd like to retire with a couple of cats, to study memes. Until then, I wish to make a dent, without haste and pause.”

Taha is a decision scientist and the co-founder of Heart It Out.
Being a technology enthusiast, he is always keen on showcasing advanced and innovative strategies that can grow and benefit our digital communities, with an emphasis on mental health and well-being.

He has worked with companies to bring great ideas to the forefront that solve problems using data and lazy tech. Taha leverages his learnings to bridge the technology gap in mental healthcare, and make it less daunting for mental health professionals.

Apart from being a techno-junkie who could sacrifice 2 nights’ sleep while gaming, Taha is in constant admiration of poetry, music and ‘the silver linings to the darkest clouds’.

He rarely gives up and thinks of every goal, big or small as achievable.
Taha is an ardent follower of the first principles and lives by them. He's loyal to people, benevolent and has a large heart that constantly drives him to shoulder responsibilities to make “universal health care” accessible to all through Heart It Out.