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Find out about the unique Mental Health Products designed and developed at Heart It Out! Also, learn more about the services we provide for better mental health care.
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Well-Being, On-The-Go

Our Services

Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy can help individuals and families gain a new outlook on their problems and, with time, help them find constructive solutions to them.

At Heart It Out, we practice Existential and Solution-Focused therapy, with elements borrowed from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt Therapy from time to time. Our therapists undertake clinical (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and Personality Disorders) as well lifestyle-related (work stress, relationship management and personal issues) Mental Health complaints.

Individual Therapy

As the name suggests, ‘Individual Therapy’ is the application of therapeutic insights to the needs of an individual. During a session, the therapist showcases acceptance and support towards the client, regardless of the things they may say or do as they are bound by Unconditional Positive Regard, and is ‘non-judgemental’ towards them and their life events. This allows the individual to acknowledge their deepest thoughts and emotions to themselves, which in turn helps them develop increased self-awareness. Through their years of training, a therapist can help the individual use this awareness to build self-reliant techniques to help them cope with the various challenges life may throw at them.

Best suited for: Individuals who are looking for a safe space to express themselves and work on building a life they truly desire.

Couples Therapy

In today’s day and age cultivating a healthy long-term romantic relationship has become increasingly challenging. As our calendars get more and more packed, problems such as insufficient communication and insecurity emerge as prominent stressors in modern-day relationships. We, at Heart It Out would like to support you and your partner in building a more fulfilling relationship. Couples Therapy allows both of you to address your fears and anxieties and, with the guidance and insight of our therapist, work through them to build a stronger relationship which enriches both your lives.

Best suited for: Couples who are looking to better their sexual lives, compatibility and communication patterns with one another and cultivate a healthier and happier relationship.

Family Therapy

Our families are the closest to our hearts, and a healthy family can be an unwavering pillar of strength. However, for multiple reasons, we all face trouble connecting with our family members and often don’t have the relationships with them that we’d wish for. Engaging in Family Therapy can help the members of a family recognise unhealthy communication patterns toxicities and boundary issues, and guide them towards restructuring these in order to attain what is best for the family.

Best suited for: Families facing conflicts, undergoing trauma, experiencing grief or looking after a mentally or physically dependent family member. 

Children’s Therapy

Our childhood lays the foundation of our lives as an adult, and so it becomes absolutely crucial that we seek to cultivate happy and healthy childhoods for our little ones. Children’s Therapy is aimed at understanding the needs of a child to help them cope with struggles of growing up, peer pressure or unfortunate trauma and develop healthy behavioural patterns growing up. While life traumas, such as loss of a parent or any other person of significance,  abuse or neglect, or environmental disasters are beyond our control, Children’s Therapy is a proactive way of ensuring that they don’t become the defining factors.

Best suited for: Children undergoing loss of a loved one, coping with behavioural issues, with special mental or physical needs, and/or undergoing bullying or abuse in their social circles.

Geriatric Therapy

Old age is a time often associated with gloom and sadness, but it doesn’t have to be so. With the correct guidance and care, old age can be ‘a second childhood’ – blissful and carefree. Accessing Geriatric Therapy is a positive step towards ensuring that the old and wise lead the last years of their lives with a fulfilled state of mind. During Geriatric Therapy, the therapist acknowledges the challenges that come with old age, such loss of loved ones, coping with large changes and a perceived lack of purpose, and helps the individuals rekindle their enthusiasm towards life.

LGBTQIA+ centric Therapy:

The challenges faced by the members of the LGBTQIA+ community are unique, and often extremely layered and complex to deal with. Since fluid gender and sexual norms remain to be wholly accepted across several societies, the members are often subjected to violence and hatred which can severely affect their Mental Health.  Therapy specialised to deal with the LGBTQIA+, hence becomes necessary. This form of therapy allows the member to cope with the challenges, and lead a more authentic life for themselves by acting as a steadfast ally of the individual.

Booking Your First Session

If you are looking for specialised assistance that can help you lead a more fulfilling life, our therapists would be there to help you. You can get in touch with them through our website and schedule for your first session to Heart It Out.

LGBTQIA+-centric Therapy can also be accessed by allies, partners, friends, and family members of people from the community who wish to provide better support to the individual through their journey.

We look forward to taking care of you!

Our Products

At Heart It Out, we believe that Mental Health and well-being should extend far beyond the walls of a therapist’s office or a psychiatric hospital. The ultimate goal of therapy is to help individuals build habits that lead to a happy and fulfilled life. But we understand that seeking therapy is a time-consuming process and is not always accessible to everyone. So, we decided to take therapy to the people instead, with our thoughtful range of products which can help people engage with aspects of their well-being on a day-to-day basis, and overcome the stigma attached to it.

Please note: All products are made by persons with disabilities.

Calm Cues
for Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Panic or Anxiety attacks can be crippling – not just for the person experiencing them but also for their friends and family. The individual, experiencing distress faces difficulty communicating their needs, which leaves them unable to access adequate care to effectively cope with it. Even the friends and family rarely know how to help the individual feel better which can leave them feeling helpless. Additionally, when such attacks occur in public or amongst strangers, it becomes even more challenging for the individual to cope with them.

To help bridge this gap, Heart It Out introduced ‘Calm Cues’, a handy guide that serves as an Emergency Panic/Anxiety Kit with tools to help ground the individual during the attack. The toolkit contains ‘cues’s such as communication aids (hold my hand/ leave me alone/ play a song), as well as sensory and verbal grounding techniques.

How it helps: ‘Calm Cues’ is equipped with scientifically proven techniques which can help people manage Panic and Anxiety Attacks. It contains verbal, visual, and sensory self-soothing techniques to help ground an individual who is experiencing an attack. These ‘cues’ are designed to help individuals gain access to emergency care and reassure them of being in a safe environment. 

Greeting Cards (Hank Yooh Cards)
to help you show your care & support

Do you know someone who has been coping with a Mental Health crisis, and want to let them know you are there for them? Do you want to show your friends and family how grateful you are for their support through your Mental Health journey?

We understand that sometimes words are not enough to show your love how much you care and how much their support matters to your well-being. And for times like these, there are Heart It Out’s special Greeting Cards, that caters exclusively to themes of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Be it messages of support, congratulatory notes for individuals coping with Mental Illnesses, or tokens of gratitude for those who stood by them through tough times – our cards let you Heart It Out.

HIO Giftcards
give your loved ones the gift of well-being

Want to give your loved ones a gift that shows how much you truly care for them? Think no further – with Heart It Out’s Giftcards, you can gift them a chance at leading a truly enriched life. These Giftcards are available in amounts of Rs. 500/ Rs. 2,500 / Rs. 5,000  and can be redeemed for Psychotherapy Sessions at Heart It Out or used to purchase well-being products at the Heart It Out Store.

Jar of Ideas
for self-care, positivity & productivity

Be it deciding what to do on your date night, or finding new ways to look after and pamper yourself, or just seeking inspiration to push you through a rough week – Heart It Out has got you covered. With its exclusive range of Jars of Ideas, ranging from productivity hacks, motivational and inspirational reminders, and acts of self-care, Heart It Out’s Jar of Ideas is a must-have for anyone looking to challenge themselves for the better.

How to use: Each jar comes with a curated set of unique and fun ideas to engage you and those around you. While some jars contain questions to make you ponder, the others contain ideas to help you pamper yourself. Choose a jar as per your need from our store and use as indicated. What’s better? They make great birthday gifts and anniversary gifts too. 

Letters from the Heart

Showing our love and support to one another is vital to good Mental Health. Expressing our love and care and being loved and cared for in return has one of the most enhancing experiences of life. However, it is ever so common to fall short of words when we try to express ourselves to our loved ones. 

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and if so, a postcard, we figure, should be one of the best ways to tell your friends and family how fondly you think of them.  We, at Heart It Out, curated a bunch of postcards which are pretty as a picture and make for a perfect gift for your loved ones, and, if you are in the mood for some self-love, for yourself.

Living In The Present

Our homes are reminders of all the things that are important to us. We decorate them with mementoes from our many trips, our awards, and photographs of our loved ones. But amidst all these things which bring us happiness, we often leave reminders for our Mental Health behind.

Heart It Out brings you a wellbeing-positive decor solution to help you take care of your Mental Health every single day. ‘Living In The Present’, as we like to call it, is a wall organiser with 9 petit pockets. Each pocket carries a message to nudge you towards taking better care of your Mental Health each day. And with its quirky and modern design, ‘Living in the Present’ organisers also make a wholesome gift for your colleagues and employees. 

Self-care Manifesto

If you are a Mental Health Practitioner or a Physician, you must’ve heard your professors, friends and family remark on how you need to attend to your own health, and you admit it too. While taking care of other people’s needs on a daily basis, looking after your own physical and mental health takes a backseat.

With Heart It Out’s “Self-care Manifesto” you can make yourself a promise of putting your own health first from time to time. Put the Manifesto up on the walls of your office to act as a reminder to adhere to the promise.

Session Passport

In your first session at Heart It Out, our therapist gives you a Session Passport, A Heart It Out exclusive that keeps a log of your mental health journey and progress through the sessions. We suggest that you keep this Passport handy for days when you feel stuck and need a reminder of how far you have come on your journey of well-being.

Strictly Rainbows

As India is slowly (and finally!) opening its arms to various gender and sexual identities and orientations, Heart It Out would like to join the celebration with the members and allies of the community.  With products such as sew-on patches and cute buttons, as well as resources on everything LGBTQIA+, Heart It Out’s ‘Strictly Rainbows’ collection is everything it promises to be – strictly rainbows.

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