Get the right diagnosis for your symptoms
With this Depression Test, you will learn whether you may be living with depression or if it’s just a phase.
With this Depression Test, you will learn whether you may be living with depression or if it’s just a phase.
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Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

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    On most days I feel

    Energised and excited

    Low and demotivated

  • image

    When I wake up in the morning

    I feel ready to take on the day

    I feel lethargic and tired

  • image

    I have been crying

    Not as much

    Very frequently

  • image

    When I go to bed

    I sleep soundly

    I have trouble sleeping

  • image

    Compared to the usual, my appetite has

    Remained unchanged

    Increased or Decreased drastically

  • image

    My sex drive has

    Remained unchanged

    Decreased over time

  • image

    Over the past few months my weight

    Has not changed much

    Has fluctuated significantly

  • image

    Over the last few weeks, I have been

    Having usual bowel movements

    More constipated than usual

  • image

    I feel my heart

    Beat as it ordinarily does

    Pounds hard all the time

  • image

    I feel

    My energy level has not changed

    Tired even without doing much

  • image

    I find that my mind has been

    Clear and has different kinds of thoughts

    Confusing and chaotic with mostly negative thoughts

  • image

    My daily chores seem

    Easy and doable

    Difficult to begin

  • image

    When I'm going about my day, I feel

    At ease


  • image

    Thinking about my future make me feel

    Hopeful and optimistic

    Hopeless and sad

  • image

    Of late, I have been

    Calm and easy going

    Irritable and snappy

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    When I have to make decisions

    It is easy for me and I don't take a lot of time

    It drains my energy and feels like a burden

  • image

    I feel that I am

    Needed and useful


  • image

    My life feels


    Empty and meaningless

  • image

    I have been having the urge to hurt myself


    Quiet often

  • image

    The things that made me happy

    Continue to be fun for me

    No longer bring me any joy