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With this Anxiety Test, you will learn whether you may be living with excessive anxiety or if it’s just a phase.
With this Anxiety Test, you will learn whether you may be living with excessive anxiety or if it’s just a phase.
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Answer with regards to how you have been doing in the past two weeks

  • image

    Most days, I feel

    Calm and collected

    Restless and worried

  • anxiety vs stress

    I feel afraid

    Hardly ever


  • image

    When I think about the future,

    I feel at peace

    I am constantly worried

  • work place anxiety

    When I think about what I am doing, I feel

    Like I am trying my best

    Like I am falling apart

  • anxiety online test

    When I think about my future, I feel

    Everything is going well

    Nothing is going right

  • anxiety control

    Throughout my day, I'm

    Able to focus on the task at hand

    Frequently distracted by thoughts

  • anxiety hormone

    If I observe my physical health, recently I have been

    Having no body pains or health issues

    Getting frequent headaches, body pain

  • anxiety tips

    While working during the day, I

    Feel energetic

    Feel very tired

  • anxiety quiz

    When at home/work, I feel

    Calm and still

    Impatient and edgy

  • anxiety relief

    I feel my heart

    Beat as it ordinarily does

    Pounds hard all the time

  • anxiety pain

    I often feel

    Steady on my feet

    Unsteady and dizzy

  • anxiety test for teens

    I feel faint or have fainted

    Hardly ever

    On many occassions

  • anxiety test for free

    I have found my breathing to be

    Steady and natural

    Short and quick

  • panic attack

    My toes and fingers feel tingly and numb

    Hardly ever

    Quite often

  • over thinking

    Stomach issues and indigestion bother me



  • depression

    I have to pee

    Few times in a day

    More when I'm stressed

  • anxiety triggers

    My hands mostly

    Stay dry and warm

    Cold or sweaty

  • anxiety levels

    I have

    Barely any intrusive thoughts

    Constantly unwanted thoughts

  • depression test

    When I go to bed, I

    Fall asleep in no time.

    Difficult to fall sleep

  • anxiety types

    Most of my dreams are

    Pleasant or neutral

    Scary or unpleasant