“A helping hand can be the light in a world full of darkness.”

By Making Referrals!


The Hope of Inspiring Wellbeing With Referrals

With the simple gesture of sharing our services with your loved ones, you can unlock discounts on our counselling, workshops, and mindfulness resources. You turn our vision of making mental health care accessible to 1.5 billion people by 2030 into a reality.


Why You Should Refer Your Loved Ones

Therapy benefits 75% of people who seek it. Referring your loved ones to Heart It Out ensures quality care for them.

How Making Referrals Benefits You

For every referral, you get discounts and self-care tools! And people who engage in self-care show 67% increased productivity.

How Referrals Help The World

As we actively fight mental health stigma, your advocacy enlightens the world about the value of therapy.

Grow Together!

Grow Together!


Each time you help a friend by sharing the gift of high-quality mental healthcare, you make a difference in their lives. And when your friend visits Heart It Out and books a session with our licensed therapists, you both gain points.

The Initiator

Invite your friend to a world of mindfulness and get Rs 500 OFF on your next session.

The Influencer

Make 2 more friends mentally woke and get Rs. 1500 OFF your mindfulness practice and a Gratitude Journal.

The Ambassador

Invite 3 more friends to a happier life and you get Rs. 2000 OFF, plus the Periodic Table of Emotions to manage your emotions

The Trailblazer

Be the force, your friends are looking for and help 5 more of your friends thrive! and you will get Rs. 4500 OFF, and an Angry & After zine

The Champion

Become a game changer for your community and refer 5 more to enter Hall of Fame of Heart It Out! and get Rs. 7500 OFF, and Ikiguide Cards.

Make An Impact On Your Loved Ones As You Mentally Prosper

Oh, to be loved and to give love - a perfect way to create a community that cares.

A healthy world becomes possible because, somewhere along the way, you shared your story and invited someone else into the wellbeing we cultivate here at Heart It Out.

Thank you for empowering others - and in turn, being empowered. Together, we grow.

If you have any questions about how the program works or how referrals can benefit you and your loved ones, please reach out. We're here to help in any way we can.

The miracles begin with you.

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