Desk Calendar
Rs. 599
A thoughtfully curated Mental Health Calendar, that will help you go through four important phases in 2021: Change, Hope, Healing and Acceptance!
18cm x 30cm
300 gsm Stock, in-wire eco-friendly binding
“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” - Socrates.

Change is the only constant, or so we have heard throughout our lives, and 2020 was nothing short of that.

We bring to you, a thoughtfully curated Mental Health Calendar, that will help you go through four important phases in 2021: Change, Hope, Healing and Acceptance! Each quarter of this 18 cm * 30 cm table-top calendar will guide you through ‘Change’, instill ‘Hope & Optimism’, focus on ‘Healing & Growth’, and facilitate Acceptance of the year to come. So what are you waiting for? Pick yours up for a wholesome, fruitful journey with all your spirit animals!
The calendar is a 18 cm * 30 cm in-wiro bound eco-friendly product that is highly durable and easy to use. With carefully curated content and illustrations, each month, you will be introduced to activities, carefully tailored and curated by expert psychologists. This versatile calendar is perfect for both home and work, and is a reminder that you’re not alone, and you can get through, and grow through everything 2021 has in store for you ?
Our Mental Health Calendar is pretty much for anyone you can think of! Gift yourself this wholesome package of love, or gift a friend who really needs a pick me up. You can also order our calendars to gift your employees or colleagues.
  • I’ve always appreciated calendars and the doorway to organization they provide me! Post the lockdown, I’ve felt the need to have physical calendars rather than more screen time! HiO’s calendar is both extremely cute and meets this need. As an added bonus, this calendar helps me inculcate self care and grounding activities into my monthly and daily schedule, which I absolutely love! Can’t wait to see what my 2021 journey is going to look like :)
    Kavya Swaminathan
  • I love the colours and the images. Such a cute calendar! And I love the idea of the staircase. It gives us a sense that we're accomplishing more with each passing month and that every level/platform is not like a stop, but more like space where we can grow. Even the quotes are very thoughtful. However, I'm not sure if there is writing space provided for the questions asked on each page... I would have also preferred boxed dates so I could put in events for that day. But overall, very cute calendar!!!
    Mariam Tahoora
  • One word to describe Heart It Out's calendar is exquisite. It sums up everything I expect from 2021 in terms of my life and personal growth. Like the therapists at Heart It Out, the calender calls for a positive change with simple and elegant quotes that inspires hope and makes your heart smile.
    Accepting the deep loss the world has faced this year, the calendar is the perfect investment for a new and fresh beginning full of bright and warm colours.
    Niyati Govind
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