Nithya Rao
Nithya works with young adults and people from the LGBTQIA+ community and uses existential and Gestalt approaches with individuals experiencing death and trauma. Her specialty includes sex, gender, sexuality, and emotional and physical abuse. Nithya is the co-founder at Heart It Out and holds a Bachelor’s degree in theatre, literature, and psychology, and a Master’s degree in rehabilitation psychology. Nithya is a member of the Shapers community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. She has propelled the cause of better mental health across international forums and has featured in leading national publications.
Sexuality, Trauma & Abuse, Grief, Individual growth
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Christ University, Bangalore
Master’s in Rehabilitation Psychology
Richmond Fellowship Society, Bangalore
English, Hindi, Kannada
  • I recommend the doctor I absolutely recommend Heart it Out for therapy. I have had life changing experience with my therapist, Nithya J Rao. The therapy room is extremely comforting and session has been fun, supportive and insightful. Coming here has helped me be much more aware of myself. The sessions have benefited me and my mental health. Highly recommended.
    Prakurthi Prasad
  • She is really good at her job, she has lot of patience as she listens without making any judgement. She is very friendly and openminded. I would recommend her for any day. I was able to come out of my anxiety issues. Thank You
    Nikhil Suresh
  • I recommend the doctor I had been to see this therapist after my school counselor recommendation. It was very nice. I feel support and solutions to to my troubles. Sleep is better too. Therapy is sometimes also fun. Must visit. Good experience...
    Shashank Jodidar
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