Namratha Dinesh
Namratha uses an eclectic approach to help her clients through their mental health journey. and explore different perspectives; focusing on unconscious thoughts, desires and feelings. As a therapist, Namratha believes that her clients know best and she is just a catalyst to help them achieve their goals. She believes that it’s important to know that taking care of yourself is a continuous journey and she will be there to help you through the process.
Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Work-Life Balance, OCD, Trauma, Solution Focused Therapy
Bachelor’s in Psychology
Christ University, Bangalore
Master’s in Counselling Psychology
CMR University, Bangalore
English, Hindi, Kannada
  • Namratha is respectful and a compassionate listener. She has helped me improve significantly in areas where I required most support and assistance. Namratha has offered valuable and thought-provoking perspectives during our sessions, and has enabled me to confront a number of issues, including that of effective communication in and outside of the workplace. I would recommend Namratha to anyone seeking to better themselves through therapy.
    Jeevan K
  • My sessions with Namratha have been extremely fruitful. The thing I most appreciate I that she regards and appreciates my current routine and has added new tools and helped me with getting a lot of clarity into my life. She also looked at things very differently and it helped me understand different perspectives of the same problems.
    Vandana S
  • I was skeptical coming to therapy but looking back I couldn't have been more wrong. Heart It Out and Namratha have been amazing and really supported my mental health journey. Namratha makes me feel comfortable and safe to share my experiences and struggles and has always been there to support me. Thank you for all the care and support.
    Animesh D
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