Kajol Birawat
Kajol practices integrative therapy to help her clients identify their mental health challenges and provide healthy coping mechanisms. She excels at providing therapy for adolescents and young adults and also facilitates peer support groups on stress, anxiety, and depression at Heart It Out. As a therapist, Kajol believes that people have the innate ability to be resilient, no matter what the situation is.
Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Work-Life Balance, OCD and Trauma
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Jain University, Bangalore
Master's Degree in Psychology
Christ University, Bangalore
English, Hindi, Kannada
  • I have been seeing Ms. Kajol Birawat for almost one and half year now. When I started I didn’t believe that therapy can do anything to my depression. But after my first session with her, I felt so lighter. Like a huge burden had lifted off my shoulders. I realised then that, I’m not alone in this journey. She has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression. Empathised with me when I was feeling my lowest. She’s never judged me. She has helped me label my feelings. Helped me get back on my feet. She is very a patient listener, supportive, warm and kind.
    Sharadhi Lakshmipathi
  • My experience with Kajol has been fulfilling - I've taken baby steps in my mental health journey, which has been difficult but made easier with the amount of warmth and empathy I've received. Through my sessions, I've gained a lot of insight and clarity from her ability to break down complicated experiences into bite-sized pieces I can manage. I value her empathy, and that has helped me a great deal in my mental health journey. Always available before time and made the whole therapy process seamless.
    Abhishek Seth
  • I met Ms. Kajol Birawat at Heart it out clinic. Heart it out is a perfect place for anyone seeking help. Initially I was hesitant to opt for therapy but then finally decided to give it a try. And choosing 'Heart it Out' proved to be a great decision. My therapist Kajol was very kind, patient and created a very non-judgmental space for me. She often went out of her way to help me, provided me with helpful reading and listening materials outside our therapy session.I recommend 'Heart it Out' to anyone looking to seek help
    Siddhi Poojari
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