Jyoti Das
Jyoti excels at providing therapy for adolescents and young adults. She works on dealing with depression, sexuality, body image and eating disorders.She is highly attuned to the needs of individuals. Her work follows an eclectic approach, and focuses on self-compassion, self-discovery and staying in the present. She actively introduces art, play and performance based therapy into her work with clients. Her work is influenced by studies of “Inner Child” care in dealing with body image and eating disorders, positive parenting and sexuality.
Sexuality, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Body Image, Eating Disorders
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Christ University, Bangalore
Master’s Degree in Psychology
Christ University, Bangalore
English, Hindi, Bengali
  • Jyoti, my therapist has made me feel comfortable, and being this vulnerable wasn't easy before. I'm so grateful to Jyoti for being a knowledgeable and understanding therapist, and respecting my ethical boundaries.I love how she nudges me into the right direction, and makes me feel as if I've always known my her. Heart it Out has genuinely not only help me reinvent myself, but also absolutely love myself in the process.
    Vaishnavi Chavan
  • My experience with Heart It Out was healing, pleasant and comforting. Jyoti Das has been wonderful in helping myself slingshot through the hiccups of life in a new city. She was really friendly and non-judgmental and needless to say, a fantastic listener. She helped me see the aspects of things I never thought of. Thank you!
    Ajvad Sayid Mohammed
  • Jyoti is an amazing therapist and has been a blessing to my mental health. She listens to you without judgement and you can be totally honest. My sessions with her at Heart It Out have been transformative and deeply healing. I absolutely love the approach she takes and it really helped me.
    Animesh Dayal
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