Divya Bhatia
Divya helps her clients build strength to deal with present-day problems and brings awareness of their surroundings. She supports her clients break out of toxic thought patterns and emotions. Divya helps her clients to work on emotional regulation, self-esteem issues, and stress and anxiety.
Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Work-Life Balance
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
Master’s Degree in Psychology
CMR University, Bangalore
English, Hindi
  • My therapy sessions are still on-going but I personally feel I am in a much much better spacer. I have been able to share and talk about the most difficult things without feeling judged. Divya is very empathetic and make me feel extremely safe in the sessions and holds the space for me. She is compassionate, empathetic and confidant. I would 100% recommend her.
    Shreya  G
  • Divya has made the sharing space very comfortable, and has always respected my boundaries. The exercises and techniques she has shared with me to cope with my work stress have really helped. She is warm and friendly and has respected all my needs and supported me through my journey.
    Swagatha H
  • I am truly happy that I have found a therapist like Divya who is super supportive and understanding. She has made my journey easy and filled with insight. I can already see a better version of myself coming to life. I feel confident and less stressed and have been able to deal with my anxiety much better. Thank you for being an amazing therapist!
    Kritika Madan
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