Shambhavi Prathap
Through a person-centred approach, Shambhavi applies her knowledge in Psychology to support her clients with their personal, emotional, and psychological concerns. She uses creative and reflective tools and recognises personal development as a dynamic process. Shambhavi guides her clients overcome their challenges as they expand their perspectives during their therapeutic journey.

She has also worked with people sturggling with neuro-developmental, behavioural, and neuro-degenerative disorders. As a trained facilitator and experienced researcher, Shambhavi uses her unique insights to help her clients develop self-awareness and achieve their mental health and wellness milestones.
Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Stress, Work-life Balance, Self-esteem concerns, Emotion Regulation, Client-centred Therapy
BA, Psychology
(Christ University, Bengaluru)
Honours with Thesis, Psychology
(University of Windsor, Canada)
English, Kannada, Hindi
  • The place is very comfortable and makes you feel at home. I've been going to the therapist Shambhavi for four sessions and I love her techniques how she helps me open up. She is very warm and friendly. By the end of the session, I always feel better and more stable. Therapy can be a very tiring process because of the discomfort of addressing things we don't like but she makes it easy for me!
  • I recommend the doctor I'm very glad to have had my session with Ms. Shambhavi. She made sure that I felt better and tried to improve on certain aspects at the end of every session. She's advised me at the right time with the right tips. No matter how I feel at the beginning of the session, the ending would be a mix of "I feel relieved" and "I dont want this end".
    Rida Aaiman
  • I recommend the doctor I have a long history with Ms Shambhavi. She has come through and helped me through the hardest times and guided me even when she wasn't working with me as my therapist. A patient and kind listener who is empathetic and light hearted if you choose to be. She has great analogies about life. Creates a very comfortable atmosphere. 15/10 would recommend.
    Radhika Dhawan
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