Satya  Gopal
Satya (pronouns: they/them) uses an eclectic approach in therapy to help their clients work with gender and sexual health concerns, in individual, couple or family therapy settings. They are queer, kink and poly affirmative. They provide therapy for people of all ages, genders, sexualities and abilities. Their aim is to remove the stigma around sexual health and make it more accessible.
Depression, Anxiety, Gender, Sex and Sexuality, Consensual Non-Monogamy, Relationships, Couples and Family Therapy, Addiction, Trauma, Abuse, OCD
MSc Clinical Psychology
Christ University
Certification in Sexuality and Sexual Health Counselling
The Alternative Story, Bengaluru
English,Hindi, Tamil
  • I recommend the doctor The place is very comfortable and makes you feel at home. I've been going to the therapist Delphina for four sessions and I love her techniques how she helps me open up. She is very warm and friendly. By the end of the session, I always feel better and more stable. Therapy can be a very tiring process because of the discomfort of addressing things we don't like but she makes it easy for me!
  • I recommend the doctor I'm very glad to have had my session with Ms. Delphina. She made sure that I felt better and tried to improve on certain aspects at the end of every session. She's advised me at the right time with the right tips. No matter how I feel at the beginning of the session, the ending would be a mix of "I feel relieved" and "I dont want this end".
    Rida Aaiman
  • I recommend the doctor I have a long history with Ms Delphina. She has come through and helped me through the hardest times and guided me even when she wasn't working with me as my therapist. A patient and kind listener who is empathetic and light hearted if you choose to be. She has great analogies about life. Creates a very comfortable atmosphere. 15/10 would recommend.
    Radhika Dhawan
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