Depression Treatment at Heart It Out


Depression Treatment at Heart It Out
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Have you been feeling sad and moody of late? Are there days you feel low on motivation and don’t feel like doing anything? If your answer to these questions is a yes, just know that you are not alone in this. These feelings come from experiencing depression. Depression is a continuous and unshakable feeling of sadness, made worse by losing interest in things you once loved, feeling too tired to do anything, losing sleep and appetite.



Take a deep breath.

We’ll get through this together!

You may be wondering what is the difference between sadness and depression. If you are currently going through a stressful life situation or went through a recent difficult or heavy experience, you may simply be experiencing feelings of sadness as a result of that. Sadness, grief, frustration, all need to be processed and experienced. Emotions like this, when avoided, don’t really resolve themselves, but may pile on and present itself later as depression. 

If you are feeling low and think you might be depressed, you can take this detailed test to understand your feelings better.

To deal with sadness and grief, feel them till they need to be felt, give yourself time and space for things you actually love to do, reach out to friends and family who can provide a safe space for you, visit a therapist. 

If these feelings are interfering with your day-to-day functioning and are affecting your sleep, appetite, and general health, these can be symptoms of depression.. Don’t worry, depression is absolutely manageable, especially with the right support.

How Can We Help?

In our therapy sessions, we approach depression with warmth and empathy. What presents itself as depression, can be years of unaddressed grief, hurt or trauma. Our counselors focus on understanding what are the underlying causes for depression and work with you on healing and growing from it. They also help you revive your belief in yourself and regain a more holistic outlook on life.

Take the first step towards your mental health, speak to an experienced psychologist now.

Heart It Out is committed to providing safe and accessible mental health care. We have supported thousands of people battle and overcome anxiety, depression and mental health challenges. Our experienced therapists can guide you on your mental health journey and support you through every step . We look forward to taking care of you! 🙂