Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar Disorder Treatment at Heart It Out
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Life is a rollercoaster ride; many times you may swing between extreme emotions – being happy and high on energy for a period of time and being moody and distressed after that. That’s the nature of life. Many of these emotions that you may feel are direct consequences of what you may be going through at that time in your life. If these feelings are taking a toll on your mental well-being and you are feeling vulnerable, it’s time to understand this better.

Bipolar disorder is categorized by alternating phases of high and low moods. Living with bipolar disorder can be distressing, to say the least. The emotional instability brought about by bipolar disorder can make you feel powerless and helpless. However, not all is lost.

How Can Therapy Help?

Many people who experience the symptoms of bipolar disorder benefit greatly from seeking clinical therapy. At Heart It Out, our counselors will help you identify the switch in emotions that you go through; this helps you anticipate what is coming next and prepares you with ways to deal with the same. We also help you manage stressors in your life that could be causing these shifts in mood and gently encourage you to follow a regular schedule.

Knowledge is powerful; knowing your behaviors and knowing how to respond to them will help you cope with bipolar disorder better. Book your first therapy session here.

Heart It Out is an empathetic initiative and our therapists uphold the ethics of psychotherapy. We ensure that everything you share is treated with complete confidentiality and that the therapist adheres to a non-judgemental stance towards you and your life experiences.