Gratitude Journal

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When you go to a gathering or chill with friends, family members, or colleagues, do you ever look around the room and think to yourself, "I’m glad these people exist in my life"? Or have you ever been taught a valuable lesson by someone you admire and are grateful to have learned from them? These are little bouts of gratitude that make you appreciate what you have and inspire you to look towards what you can achieve.

Gratitude is a remarkable feeling that resides within the hearts and minds of those who see the brighter side of life. Therefore, practising gratitude is vital because it can help you feel grateful every day, be present, and appreciate what you have.

This Gratitude Journal can serve the important purpose of recording events and thoughts that spur a sense of thankfulness in you. The journal includes prompts to help you write about what you're grateful for, recollect the positive things you've received, both material and intangible, and how they've helped you. This Gratitude Journal is an excellent self-care tool that has been scientifically proven to increase happiness and reduce depression.

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About Gratitude Journal

  • Contains 32 blank pages for journalling/drawing.
  • Prompts that can inspire gratitude.
  • A6 size and printed on brown paper.
  • Convenient and pocket-friendly.
  • Simple, yet visually appealing.

A portion of your purchase provides medical access to people with mental health conditions.


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