Schools of Thought in Psychology 101 & 201

Psychology and counselling take many forms and schools of thought; these fundamental principles are then applied in therapy and human relationships. More often than not, we are stuck with only the theoretical aspects, not knowing how to choose or apply them in real-life situations. The myriad of counselling approaches, styles, and specialities are undoubtedly confusing. This workshop aims to introduce a practical perspective of these schools of thought, and create space to reflect and arrive at an eclectic approach that one resonates with the most.

Materials & Ground Rules

Respect for facilitator and other participants
Preparedness for group work
Open-mindedness towards feedback and evaluation
Willingness to be action-oriented
Openness to learn and reflect
Notebook/paper, your favourite stationery, water/beverage of choice :)


Nithya J Rao
Nithya J Rao is a certified rehabilitation psychologist based in Bangalore and is the co-founder of Heart It Out. She primarily works with young adults, entrepreneurs and minorities using existential and gestalt approaches with individuals experiencing grief and trauma. An avid reader and continuous learner, she uses a semi-structured method as a trainer and believes in leading with experiential insights. Her teaching method is demonstrative and interactive. She encourages actively reaching out for feedback, criticism and learning through play.
Nithya speclisies in disrupting the space of mental healthcare to adapt westernized norms to the Indian population; including buiding support chatbots, digital products and campus suicide prevention programmes. Nithya is a member of the Global Shapers Bangalore community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, and a Sandboxer, a global community of Do-ers. She has previously co-founded Lahe Lahe, a performing arts space, and was also on the curating team of a first of it's kind Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship. A constant voice for mental health activism, theatre, and social entrepreneurship, she believes that therapy is one piece in the puzzle of mental wellbeing. She enjoys curating and facilitating workshops, corporate events, and community driven work rooted in South Asian cultures. She offers therapy in English, Kannada, and sometimes in very bad Hindi.
Taha Zaidi
Taha Zaidi is a decision scientist and the co-founder of Heart It Out. As a technology enthusiast, he has worked on companies with great ideas to solve problems using data and lazy tech. Taha leverages his learnings from Mu Sigma and Hotstar to bridge the technology gap in Mental Healthcare to concoct a sustainable career path for mental health practitioners.
As a hobbyist Photographer and avid gamer, his perspective on seeing a problem through the First Principle values contextualising evidence based research in modern-day Mental Healthcare practice. His work has been featured by Plus+, a magazine that works with Body Image in the Fashion Industry and by India Today and Lenskart. His skillset is especially relevant in the age of digital communities where an emphasis on mental health and well-being on a larger scale is necessary to bring about Global Impact. He is constantly exploring data-driven solutions that are expansive and data-informed to solve the crippling issue of accessibility in Mental Health. As a trainer, he believes his innovative ideas and problem solving abilities, in conjuncture with indispensable 21st century skills can eventually create a symbiotic relationship between technology and mental health. His instruction method is dynamic and rooted in agile versioning and solution driven practices.
Sep 11 & 12
9 AM - 12 PM IST

Rs. 1499

Highlights from Past Events

Peoples’ Experiences

  • Gaurav
    Going through a mental health challenge can make you feel isolated and afraid, among many other things. I remember feeling this way when I was in a difficult place, and that's when I signed up for a buddy circle at HiO. Although I was scared at first, that changed to relief and a sense of hope. The buddy circle reminded me that I'm not completely alone in my journey; help and company is always an arm's reach away :')
  • Nandini
    Buddy Circle serves exactly what it promises! I remember being a little nervous about my first session, but as you see people open up one by one and you relate with other's struggles, it feels like you're a part of a community, and you can really understand each other. What I liked about the buddy circle was that it always provides us with a learning strategy, something to take back and implement in your everyday life.