What is the AGENDA of this workshop?

Is your child feeling anxious about going back to school? Let's conquer it TOGETHER! Join our enlightening session with Lavanya Prasad - an inspiring storyteller who empowers children to be kind, strong, and open-minded. Through captivating stories, Lavanya equips children with the courage to stand up to bullies and overcome negative emotions, transforming their mindsets to embrace positivity and face life boldly.

As parents, enrolling your children in this session fosters their mental and mindful growth from a young age. Secure your spot for this enlightening event today before the seats disappear!

Who can ATTEND this workshop?

You are eligible to register if you are,


Psychology students,Law students, Sociology students,Engineering students

Children of age 7-12


Social workers

Doctors, Nurses

Police people

It's basically open to the general public!

What will you LEARN at the end of this workshop?

Addressing School Anxiety: Understand common causes and impacts of school-related anxiety.

Empowering Through Stories: Learn how storytelling can help children manage emotions and build confidence.

Promoting Positive Values: Discover ways to teach kindness, strength, and open-mindedness.

Transforming Mindsets: Help children shift from negative to positive thinking.

Parental Support: Gain practical tips for parents to support their child’s emotional well-being.

Meet your TRAINER

What to EXPECT

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