Nurtured by nature
October 10 | 03:30 - 04:00 PM
 IG Live
About the Event
We've all heard of Nature vs Nurture, but have you heard of being nurtured by nature? Join us on the 10th of October, at 3:30 PM, as we embark on a virtual nature walk, with Ugaoo's Sidhhant Bhalinge, exploring the different benefits plants can have on our mental health!
About the Speaker
Siddhant Bhalinge, CEO of Ugaoo, a plant company that reconnects people with nature and helps cultivate a life well-lived. An organization with a firm vision to influence people to go green, grow their own food and connect with nature through our product offerings, Ugaoo's dream is to make Earth a better place to live in. All their plants are produced by us using scientific methods that ensure our plants are the healthiest option. They also have self-watering pots that reduce the hassle of daily watering and special soil mixes so our plants get all the required nutrients.
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