Groove To Soothing tunes: Playlist Drop!
October 10 | 11:30 - 11:30 AM
About the Event
Music is definitely a go-to help emote for all our moods! if you're in search for that new earworm to play on repeat, get your speakers ready for playlist number two by ANSWER, with thoughtfully curated tunes for you to groove away your blues!

About the Speaker
Arjun Nair is the Co-Founder, DJ/Producer of ANSWER. He has Performed & curated over 600+ shows at innumerable nightclubs and music festivals around India, Amsterdam, China, Philippines & Middle East. Arjun also Co-founded Groove OK Please, a Nightlife, Branding and Artist management label in Bangalore in 2012 and a Digital Marketing, design & consulting agency in 2018. Arjun has curated two feel-good playlists that will make you feel happy, calm and relaxed!
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